Why My CFG is blazing a digital trail

“My CFG has made it even easier to order from Carl F Groupco, but we always know there is an expert on the end of the phone when we need them."

Carl F Groupco’s My CFG online platform was designed to make all aspects of the buying process as seamless for its customers as possible. Clare White, Marketing Manager at Carl F Groupco, discusses why digital buying channels are so important and looks at the value the platform brings. 

In our personal lives, buying online is second nature these days. Indeed, for many of us, the internet will be the first place we go to compare new products and purchases. All the research shows that we want the same ease and efficiency in our working lives too. Research and consulting firm Gartner found that 83% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online.1 

My CFG, our online ordering platform, recognises this trend and reflects our commitment to make the buying process as easy as possible. It gives our trade customers the option to place hardware orders, access account information, including invoices and statements, and even pay for orders online. 

From the beginning, we worked hard to ensure the platform provided real value with a seamless, easy process.  

Customers can access the portal 24/7/365, view previous orders and quotations and reorder from them too. Products are easily accessible and detail customer-specific pricing and order quantities, saving time and simplifying the ordering process. What’s more, orders are linked directly to our ERP system. It speeds up processing times and ensures there are no administrative errors – our customers get exactly what they ordered, first time and on time. 

Demonstrating the value it brings, the number of users has doubled in the past 12 months. One customer, Luke Handyside, Factory Manager at Hampshire window and door manufacturer and installer Addspace Construction Ltd, said: “My CFG has changed the way that we purchase our hardware from Carl F Groupco. We can order anywhere, anytime and have access to our customised product list and pricing. It’s made purchasing our hardware less time-consuming and less of a chore.” 

At Carl F Groupco, we are delighted by the difference My CFG is making to our customers who have chosen to adopt online ordering. It is worth noting that while new digital buying channels can be beneficial, we recognise the importance of human interaction in building relationships with our customers. We have built our reputation on outstanding, above and beyond customer service and My CFG is not a replacement but an extension of that customer service commitment.  

We know that while people in B2B roles have a desire for online ordering, they still want human interaction when they need it. Research from software company Salesforce finds that 61% of buyers prefer self-service for simple tasks – but 65% expect someone to respond immediately when they contact a company.2 

Andrew Price, our Regional Sales Manager for South-West England, says: “My CFG helps our customers, but it also helps us too. Steve Lee, our Internal Sales Co-ordinator, and I have more time to provide more value-added support to our customers where we can provide our technical expertise.” 

Luke agrees, saying: “My CFG has made it even easier to order from Carl F Groupco, but we always know there is an expert on the end of the phone when we need them. If we need technical product support or have a question about delivery, we know we can reach out to Andrew or Steve for help.” 

Our support extends beyond day-to-day queries too. We offer services including bespoke labelling, repackaging into hardware sets where possible and breaking down box quantities for additional flexible support. Our product testing support offer ensures a seamless process from product selection and sampling to manufacturing, testing and post-test advice. We even collaborate with hardware manufacturers on product development, helping to give UK fabricators and installers the hardware features they need. 

Of course, all these services sit on top of the basics that our customers rely on. We are a one-stop shop for hardware, stocking market-leading brands including Caldwell, Cotswold Architectural Products, FUHR, GlazPart, Greenwood, Hoppe, ISEO, Kenrick, Maco, Roto, RW Simon, Securistyle, Siegenia, Staywell, Strand Hardware Ltd and Yale. We hold up to £5.5 million of stock and have a 98% OTIF target rate across all our ranges so our customers can always rely on us. 

While we know that digital offers huge advantages, we also know traditional customer service is still a fundamental business requirement. My CFG is a platform that’s adding value – but only because we work hard at being the hardware supply partner our customers need.  


1 https://www.gartner.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2022-06-22-gartner-sales-survey-finbds-b2b-buyers-prefer-ordering-paying-through--digital-commerce 

2 https://www.salesforce.com/ap/resources/research-reports/state-of-the-connected-customer/  

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