Gilgen Electromechanical Door Opener

Gilgen Electromechanical Door Opener

  • Controlled, spring-actuated closure with motor assistance
  • Spring-actuated closure in the event of a power failure
  • No travel stops required (except where there is a danger of vandalism and for fire-related doors)
  • Adjustable wind load function
  • Integrated inverse power-down opening function



The Gilgen range caters for lightweight internal doors to heavier external doors designed to withstand high winds and the units are fully compatible with the multitronic 881 to provide a complete electronic door solution. They are ideal for new installations as well as building upgrades.

The swing door drive unit is easy to install and can be fitted to the door lintel or door leaf with the option of a pull/push-rod or sliding rod. The integrated LC display allows users to configure drive functions and parameters such as operating sequence, opening angle and the push and go function.

The drive unit with smooth, noise free opening and closing has an obstacle-detection system with automatic stop/reverse mechanism and optical sensor strips. Illuminated program selector keys are integrated into the side cover.

Technical Information:

  • Locking types:
    • Tested for conformity with EN 16005 and DIN 1860
    • High performance mains power unit (24 VDC/2 A)
    • Very low power consumption in standby (4 watts)
    • Opening speed: max. 40°/s
    • Closing speed: max. 40°/s
    • Dimensions of drive mechanism: 95mm h, 690mm w, 120mm d


  • Application limits:
    • Max. leaf weight: 250 kg
    • Door sizes EN 3-7: (850 – 1600 mm)
    • Door sizes fire doors EN 4-6: (950 – 1400 mm)
    • Max. opening angle: 105°
    • Max. wind speed: 80km/h (320Pa) - depending on door size and type of rod

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