SmartTouch comfort

SmartTouch comfort

  • Keyless unlocking by simply touching a sensor
  • Option to integrate sensor into pull handle


Questions & Answers

SmartTouch comfort is pioneering electronic locking technology designed to make life more convenient for users of the multitronic 881 motorised door locking system. All you need is an active transponder in your pocket – you can then open the door just by moving towards it and gently touching a sensor. The system independently determines the user’s access rights.

SmartTouch is suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings keeping intruders firmly at bay thanks to its highly secure signal encryption.

The detection range of the SmartTouch transponder can be adopted to the users’ individual requirements, and the signal is only active when the transponder detects movement.

In addition to the standard version with a separate sensor, a series of round and rectangular stainless steel pull handles with integrated SmartTouch sensor are available. Here the sensor is concealed on the back of the handle.

Are the door lock and access control components complicated to install?

The solution provided by SmartSecure is easy to install and comprehensive assistance is available throughout the process. The lock requires just four additional routings compared to a standard multipoint lock, this allows the transformer and cabling to be fully concealed into the frame. If any assistance is needed, we are on hand to support – as with all our hardware products, comprehensive service and technical assistance is readily available.

What happens in a power cut or if the power glitches?

The lock is designed to be fail secure from the outside and fail safe from the inside. In the event of a power failure you can always get into the building with a mechanical key and always leave safely using a lever handle – this provides the best of both worlds.

What if I lose my fob?

The control unit on the 881 can be reset. Lost fobs will no longer work and replacement fobs can be programmed onto the control unit. This is a major advancement over the traditional key.

New or replacement user fobs can be ordered from us at any time.

Is the access control technology proven?

Yes the rolling code radio technology that is central to SmartSecure has long been adopted by car manufacturers and WLAN ‘Smart’ technology, that has been used in homes for many years, is a tried and tested solution.

Do I have to use FUHR access control systems as I currently install another brand?

The FUHR multitronic range offers a comprehensive range of access control options including biometric, radio controlled and smart phone systems. However, we understand that not every application will require the same solution. The multi-functional control unit is designed to allow for almost any access control system to be fitted, we have not yet found one that is not compatible.

If you do want to source your own access control, all we ask it that you send us the technical details so that we can check that it will work before you order.

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