Almost half of burglaries occur during the day

An alarming number of break-ins occur in broad daylight, often thanks to homeowners becoming complacent. The multitronic 881 provides powerful locking every time the door is closed, meaning your property is always protected, no matter what time of day.

Unbeatable speed, reliability, and versatility

Having passed more than 200,000 test cycles, the multitronic offers hassle-free functionality, where even power failure is not a cause for concern. A consistently high locking force means your home and property is always protected.

The secure way to save energy. The locking system for every season.

The multitronic 881 keeps closing pressure consistently high across your entire door. Heat and air-conditioned air are kept inside the building, keeping energy costs low. The multitronic 881 provides a locking system for every season.

The Carl F Groupco Family

Carl F Groupco have been providing the UK fenestration industry with an extensive range of premium quality window and door hardware components for decades.

SmartSecure electronic multipoint door locking systems and smart access control technology ensure functionality, durability, and security, paving the way to modern, stress-free living.

Carl F direct, a direct mail and e-commerce business, specialises in and supplies trade tools and consumables directly to the window and door fitting industry.

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