Why electromechanical door access is the future in a post-COVID world

Taking advantage of electronic door entry systems is ideal in a more touchless conscious world

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 brought life to a standstill, and while we are back up and running, society is not quite business as usual. Behaviour has changed, with individuals more conscious of protecting themselves and their families. This has included the rise in contactless interactions, with shops choosing contactless payments over cash, avoiding handshakes, and adding specific elbow or foot door openers to avoid touching handles. This trend has continued and looks to further into the future.

This is why taking advantage of electronic door entry systems is a great option, as it increases opportunities for contactless interactions. Supported by an increase in ‘smart locks’, remote entry via electromechanical door locking can come in a range of forms, including radio-based, fob, and smartphone.

Increased hygiene

Combining electromechanical locks with automatic openers is the most hygienic entry option and is especially useful for areas that see high traffic, such as businesses. This is more important now than ever before, as we move in a world that must deal with the challenges presented by COVID-19 on a day-to-day basis. Touchless and contactless entry means businesses are less reliant on cleaning staff to continually sanitise the door handles or touchpads.

This is also true for physical means of gaining access to the building. When users rely on their own smartphone, or fob, to gain access, there is a lower risk of transmission than every member of staff using a keypad a physical entry system. The Gilgen Electromechanical Door Opener further supports this and provides completely touch-free access.

Supports remote working

These forms of electromechanical locking systems support the idea of remote working. As we look to merge into the popular hybrid form of working we have experienced throughout the pandemic, workspaces are set to be more flexible. With flexible working comes increased risk, however. Fob access or smartphone access to a building allows employers to view who is within the workspace at a singular time, and track what time entry was made, without having to be present. This enables capacity to be monitored, to ensure safe numbers of employees in one space. For smaller businesses and homes, this type of door system is ideal as it allows close monitoring of entry and exits, offering protection for your property.

Creates opportunities for contactless communication

COVID-19 brought to the forefront the idea of going contactless where possible, and many people now actively choose to do so. From parcel and food deliveries, to work meetings and interviews, contactless communication is preferred. Remote access door systems enable this in many industries. For example, these systems are especially useful for holiday lets, such as Airbnb, where keys don’t need to be handed across from guest to guest and sanitised in between.

At Carl F Groupco, we know the effects of recent years will be long lasting, which is why we are working to provide safer, more hygienic, and more convenient door and window hardware options. Our range of electromechanical door locking systems supplied by leading manufacturers, such as the FUHR multitronic 881 Door Lock Kit, provides secure locking with high closing pressure across the entire door. For more information on our range of electromechanical locking systems, get in touch on 01733 393330, or email us at sales@carlfgroupco.co.uk. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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