Strand Highline Manual Openers

Strand Highline Manual Openers

  • Ideal for control of high level and inaccessible windows
  • Suitable for PVCu, aluminium, timber and steel windows
  • Flexible conduit system can be bent around obstacles



For single or group operation of high level windows. The chain opener can be fitted to most styles of aluminium, timber, steel or PVCu windows using the appropriate fixing brackets.

Controlled from a wall mounted operator connected via lengths of conduit and inner cable to the chain opener on the window. When the handle of the operator is turned the inner cable is driven forwards or backwards inside the conduit. The moving cable engages the cog wheel of the opener, driving the chain out to the open window.

Depending on height limitations, vents can be opened 250mm or 380mm, with suitable openers.

A very flexible system, as the conduit can be bent to go around pillars and other obstacles, using the special bending tool and fixed to the wall or framework with saddle brackets.

To allow for the forwards and backwards movement of the inner cable, a length of ""spent travel"" conduit, must be fitted at either end of the control path i.e. past the last chain opener and below the operator (except for the T250 & T260 operators which have an integral ""spent travel"" tube).

When ordering we need to know:

  • Do you require standard opening, ventilation or a smoke control system?
  • Do you require manual or electrical operation?
  • Window information: size, material, hinge type and positions (see illustrations)
  • Window location: number of openers, distance of operating handle to opening light

When ordering, you will need to complete an order specification form. 

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