Quality & Accreditations

Our internationally recognised ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems proves the commitment Carl F Groupco made to prioritise quality above all else. We are dedicated to providing a consistently high service standard which meets both customer and regulatory requirements.

Testing and accreditation are vital to providing high-quality products, and our experts offer assistance to our window and door fabricators throughout the processing, ensuring hardware regulations are met. Carl F Groupco are also members of the Secured by Design initiative, which works to improve the security of buildings and their surroundings, providing safe places to live, work, shop, and visit. This enables us to promote recognised security hardware with the SBD accreditation mark, making it simple for our customers to identify hardware that is proved to meet and exceed security standards.

As members of influential organisations such as the Council of Aluminium in Building (CAB), Carl F Groupco are continually supported with access to expert advice. We always strive for technical excellence and provide our customers with the best possible service and products.

Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that will help  to protect our organisation against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Certification gives us peace of mind that our defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber attacks simply because these attacks are looking for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

Secured By Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. SBD’s product based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification - provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime.


As members of the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), we have access to the latest technical and standards updates which impact our industry, allowing us to advise our customers on the best hardware solutions and ensuring compliance.

ISO 9001

An international standard for Quality Management Systems, achieving the ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that our business principles and practices satisfy customers and other stakeholders. ISO 9001 certification provides the basis for effective processes and effective people to deliver an effective product or service time after time.

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