AEROPAC Sound Insulated Ventilator

AEROPAC Sound Insulated Ventilator

  • Low inherent noise (LPA= 24dB (A)) measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3741
  • Three long life filters are available
  • Quick and easy change of filter cartridges
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Low energy usage
  • LCD display for variable air quantity control
  • Programmable timer
  • Fast, clean and simple installation.



The AEROPAC sound insulated ventilator provides a supply of fresh, draught free air with virtually silent operation whilst reducing external noise to a whisper. The impressive sound insulation properties of the AEROPAC make it suitable for use in every room in the house, including the bedroom where minimal noise intrusion ensures a peaceful night sleep. Properties near busy roads, train lines and on flight paths will benefit greatly.

The AEROPAC brings fresh air directly into the home or work place while ensuring that noise, pollution and dust stay out. The filter options allows the user to customise the AEROPAC to suit their requirements making the vent suitable for almost any application.

The G3 filter for coarse dust comes with the unit, it is washable and if used as intended should last 5 years. Additional filters are available; F5 filter for pollen or fine dust, or an active carbon filter for exhaust fume odours.

Compared to it’s competitors, the AEROPAC is capable of moving large volumes of air extremely quietly, while consuming minimal energy. The enhanced design simplifies the operation, a discreet but clear LCD display allows the user to control the air flow and programme the timer. The simple display also indicates when filters need changing.

The simple installation process means that this ventilator is suitable for new build and retro fit markets. To fit, only one 80mm hole needs to be drilled.

Not only does the AEROPAC provide peaceful ventilation keeping noise and potentially other pollutants out, it also provides additional security. There will be no need to leave windows open on hot summer nights, keeping the home and family safe.


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