The benefits of going keyless

With keyless locking systems becoming increasingly popular, many businesses and homes are opting for smart access locking systems as opposed to traditional locking systems.

With keyless locking systems becoming increasingly popular, many businesses and homes are opting for smart access locking systems as opposed to traditional locking systems. With the integration of mobile phones with smart locking systems, customers are offered a more accessible and convenient way of locking their doors that doesn’t compromise on security. As leading experts in distributing smart access control systems, we have put together the benefits of switching over to a keyless locking system.

Safety and security

One of the key benefits of keyless locking systems is the heightened levels of safety and security. Smart locking places the control in the hands of the customer. Customers are able to control who enters and exits the property, ensuring that access is restricted only to those who need it. Various keyless locking products allow the customer to send mobile keys or virtual keys, so that friends and family can access their home. Virtual keys can be controlled through mobile apps and also revoked at any point.  

The locking capabilities of electromechanical locks are the same as regular lock and key systems, ensuring that safety is not compromised. To further reinforce this, the smart locking systems have the same safety accreditations as their mechanical alternatives; Secured by Design and PAS 24 credentials. Security is always made a top priority for smart locking systems, for example like most smart access locking systems, the FUHR multitronic 881 door lock kit automatically engages when closed, thus safety is principal even when inside the property.

Other smart access locking systems, such as the Yale Conexis L1 locking system, connects with other Yale devices such as the Yale smart alarm and CCTV which ultimately maximizes safety and security. Yale keyless locking devices also use encrypted Bluetooth smart technology; the smart lock is not dependent on network reception. This eliminates customer fears of the smart technology being compromised, which is often a common apprehension before converting to a smart locking system.


Another prime benefit of keyless locking is the enhanced accessibility. There are various different access control options that come with many of the smart locking systems for example; key cards, key tags, phone tags, and mobile keys which can be revoked in an instant. Additionally, when using the smartphone app, the customer is able to send mobile keys – giving access for a few weeks or hours. More electromechanical smart products such as radio access locking systems utilize other remote access entry modes such as: fingerprint, keypad, and transponder.

The enhanced accessibility options of smart locking systems are designed to meet the unique needs of each and every customer.


One of the main benefits of keyless locking systems is the convenience. With a lot of smart locking systems making use of mobile phones, the use of physical keys is eliminated and thus eliminates the stress of ever losing your key again. Keyless locking systems are also surprisingly easy to install and maintain, with products such as the Yale Conexis L1 Keyless Locking System boasting a retro fit option. With various other smart locking products also offering retro fitting it has never been easier to switch to keyless locking.

Ultimately, there is nothing to lose when it comes to switching over to a keyless locking system. With many smart locking systems allowing retrofitting so that upgrading is made effortless and the integration with smartphones makes access quicker, simpler, and safer.

At Carl F Groupco, we have a variety of keyless locking systems from leading manufacturers, including Yale and FUHR. Shop the full range here, or get in touch with us to discover how our SmartSecure range of products can benefit you and your customer.     

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