Letterplates; more than just a hole in the door

Our TS008 letterplates are perfect for standing the test of time while protecting against vandalism and burglaries.

Letterplates are one of the most overlooked pieces of home furniture, despite their high importance in ensuring home owners receive their letters safely and securely – which comes as a surprise when virtually every house has one!

For this reason, it’s essential for customers to find a letterplate which will stand the test of time all while protecting against potential vandalism and burglaries. Our letterplates which meet the exact requirements of TS008 (view the TS008 specification and requirements here), subsequently fitting on any PAS 24 accredited door, will do just that.

Stylish Designs for a Range of Purposes

Our TS 008 letterplates are available in the following designs:

  • The Sleek Soterian Slim Letterplate design featuring serrated stays is foldable, making it an excellent compact solution for transit and storage. Made to fit composite, timber and uPVC door thicknesses of 44 to 70mm, and available in Satin Silver, Satin Chrome, Chrome, Black and White exterior finishes.
  • The classic Yale Postmaster Letterplate design is made to fit a wide range of door thicknesses from 40 to 75mm, and has incredible corrosion resistance with the 304 stainless steel used for the external flap. This letterplate also features bolt fixings which are secured into its metal bushes for extra strength. Available in many external finishes such as White, Black, Satin Silver, Chrome, Champagne Gold and Brushed Steel.

High Security Letterplates

Finding a high security letterplate can be a difficult task, and many don’t know just how important having one is in the first place – the letterplate entry is the most vulnerable part of a front door. To combat this, our TS 008 letterplates have a restricted opening which helps to protect against key fishing and lock manipulation, ensuring a high security letterplate solution.

The Yale Postmaster TS008 also features a hinge mechanism in its inner protective housing, on top of a positive stop mechanism which reduces the opening of the inner flap, both of which make the Yale Postmaster TS008 a great security solution.

Soterian Slim TS 008’s innovate pivoting stay feature protects by limiting its opening to 39 degrees.

A Smooth Open and Close

Letterplates can be annoying and fiddly if they don’t open or close correctly – however, our TS 008 letterplates are different. With each of our TS 008 letterplates having been cycle tested 20,000 times using an open and close method, customers are ensured a smooth functioning letterplate with no annoyances to be found.

Fast and Easy Fitting

The quick and simple fitting of our TS008 letterplates, with no external fittings required, means setup has never been easier; perfect for on the go customers with little time to spare.

The Soterian Slim TS 008 Letterplate requires only a simple 5 step fitting process, which can be found in its specification sheet here, and the letterplate is also biased to stay open to ensure an easy fitting. The expected amount of time for setup is no longer than 2 minutes!

Our Yale Postmaster TS008 Letterplate requires only as little as four M4 screws, making for a speedy installation.

Here at Carl F Groupco, we have a range of easy fitting door hardware from leading manufacturers such as Soterian and Yale; discover our full variety of door furniture and get in touch with us today to find out how our TS 008 Letterplates can provide a perfect solution for both you and your customers.

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