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An article written for Windows Active, October 2023 edition

Smart solutions have become an integral part of our daily routines, offering convenience, security and efficiency. Whilst the use of smart electronic and automatic door locks may be more commonly associated with high-end projects, John Crittenden, Managing Director of independent hardware supplier Carl F Groupco, discusses why this range extends far beyond niche applications.

In an era where technology permeates nearly every aspect of our lives, it's easy to think of electronic and automatic access control systems as exclusive, high-end solutions reserved for luxury ‘designer’ projects. However, the reality is quite different.

As we look deeper into the reasons behind this shift in perception, it becomes evident that electronic and automatic access control systems have long transitioned from being niche novelties to indispensable product solutions for enhancing efficiency and security across multiple building applications.

At Carl F Groupco, we offer an extensive range of intelligent smart solutions for motorised multipoint locking and access control through our SmartSecure brand, designed to accommodate a wide variety of property needs. This collection has increased in popularity, driven by rising demand across various market sectors, such as education, commercial and housing associations, underscoring that these smart door solutions offer a practical choice for a broader spectrum of applications.

As a result of the broader market appeal, we have seen our own sales volumes increase by almost 60% for electronic and automatic door solutions, proving that they are so much more than mechanical devices.

The most popular products in our SmartSecure electronic and automatic door locking range are FUHR’s autosafe 833, autotronic 834 and multitronic 881. Each catering to specific needs and project applications.

The FUHR autosafe 833 offers immediate security for main entrance doors in both residential and commercial buildings. This reliable multipoint locking system delivers an effective automatic locking functionality to safeguard properties from unauthorised access the moment the door is closed. Furthermore, unlocking from the inside is made straightforward by simply operating the lever handle. It's a solution that seamlessly blends security and user convenience.

In projects involving multiple occupancy buildings or dwellings requiring both security and user convenience, the FUHR autotronic 834 presents an ideal hybrid solution. This electromechanical door lock provides automatic locking from the outside upon closing and offers advanced functionality via the access control entry. And the innovative 834P variation is gaining popularity in schools and commercial projects, primarily due to its unique panic function, ensuring emergency escape.

The FUHR multitronic 881 is a fully motorised multipoint door locking system with integrated panic function suitable for main entrance doors in various types of buildings. It engages all locking points, including the deadbolt, when the door is closed. What sets this product apart from other market offerings is its versatile access control, allowing users to gain entry through key fobs, fingerprints or even a smartphone app. This level of smart security innovation appeals to a wide range of users.

We became the UK’s distributor of FUHR hardware in 1962 and today, we are the largest stockist of FUHR products in the UK and one of its biggest customers worldwide. This allows us to work at a more strategic level with the manufacturer to ensure our customers have a competitive advantage across all sectors of the market. 

In a space that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, electronic and automatic locking and access controls are no longer restricted to luxury residences or extravagant niche projects. They offer a much broader market appeal and, more importantly, create value-adding opportunities for fabricators and installers.

So, when it comes to partnering with a hardware supplier that offers the depth and breadth of smart electronic solutions your next project needs, the answer is always FUHR from Carl F Groupco. 


An article written for Windows Active, October 2023 edition

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