122 times round the Earth - HOPPE Atlanta handle hits its 200 millionth milestone

Carl F Groupco purchased the 200 millionth HOPPE Atlanta door handle

HOPPE (UK) is celebrating a major milestone for one of its longest standing products having recently delivered its 200 millionth Atlanta door handle. 

The 200 millionth Atlanta handle was purchased by hardware distributor Carl F Groupco, which has been selling window and door hardware components to the UK fenestration industry since the 1950s from its distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld. 

The Atlanta model is one of HOPPE’s best-selling door handles because of its durability, sleek design, smooth action and range of finishes. 

HOPPE handles are named after cities with international airports. If all of the Atlanta handles sold in the UK to date were laid end to end, the line of handles would extend the same distance as the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s longest runway almost 13,000 times, and would even circumnavigate the globe 122 times. 

John Crittenden, managing director for Carl F Groupco since 1989, has worked with HOPPE products throughout his career. He said: 

“We’ve worked with HOPPE (UK) for as long as I’ve been in the industry, and it has always been one of our leading handle brands within our hardware range.

“The design of the Atlanta handle, as well as the consistent quality, is what makes it so appealing. The finer details like the finger grips and shaped lever are elements that you just don’t get with other brands. Once our customers have used the Atlanta handle for a project, they will come back to ask for it again on their next project. 

“We have a very good working relationship with HOPPE (UK). I know exactly who to call if there’re any queries and they are always knowledgeable and friendly.”  

HOPPE launched the Atlanta handle in 2005. Designed as a brass security handle set on narrow backplate with cylinder cover for profile doors, it’s available with twin handles or a pad/handle set combination in a range of finishes including polished chrome and brass coloured and in diamond white for profile doors.   

It is now available in a full range of finishes including the Resista® finish which has been designed to ensure it can withstand the effects of weathering so is ideal for use in coastal areas.  

As part of HOPPE’s commitment to high quality products, Resista® handles have a 10-year surface guarantee. This is in addition to the 10- year mechanical operation guarantee that applies to all HOPPE door and window handles.  

The Atlanta handle has tested to standards recommended by Secured by Design – Annex A if PAS24:2016 and TS007. 

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