Atlanta PAS 24 Door Handle

F3 Anodised Gold
Long Backplate
Short Backplate
F3 Anodised Gold
Long Backplate
Short Backplate

Atlanta PAS 24 Door Handle

  • One length backplate with two fixing centre variants
  • Supplied as Quick Fit inner and outer
  • Supplied with special spindle and M6 hardened screws finished to match backplate
  • Fixing bolt and cylinder cover provide added protection.
  • Sculpture backplate to resist gripping
  • Reversible handing


Questions & Answers

The Atlanta PAS 24 handle features non-croppable fixing bolts which are designed to increase the strength of the handle when fitted. Alongside the M6 hardened screws and special high security ‘super’ spindle, the handle is fully tested to the latest PAS 24 requirements.

The external backplates are manufactured from solid aluminium extrusion providing further strength, while the sculptured edges of the backplate help to resist gripping and therefore attack.

The high security door handle is supplied with a sliding cylinder cover to protect against attack and is adjustable to suit various cylinder lengths.

A choice of short or long backplates is available to suit the door lock fixing centres. The full length of the backplate is the same for both types, the fixing points are just altered.

Colour Options: 

  • F1 Anodised Silver
  • F3 Anodised Gold
  • F9016 White
  • F9714 Black
  • Resista Polished Brass
  • Resista Polished Chrome

Supplied with: 

  • Spindle: 8mm2 x 140mm
  • Hardened screws: 1 x M6 x 80mm
  • 1 x fixing bolt
What types of door handle are there?

There are three popular types of door handle. Refer to our website or catalogue for the full range of brands, designs and colour options.


  • Levers on the inside and outside of the door.
  • Ideal for use with a lever operated multipoint door locking mechanism.


Lever/Moving Pad

  • Lever on the inside and a moving pad on the outside of the door.
  • Moving pads are usually used with split or dual spindle multipoint door locking mechanisms.


Lever/Fixed Pad

  • Lever on the inside and a fixed pad on the outside of the door.
  • Fixed pads are used with key wind up locks

How do I achieve TS 007 on my doors?

TS 007 is a security standard relating to the door handle and cylinder combination used on a door. To achieve TS 007 status, the combination used must total 3 stars.

A cylinder can achieve either 1 or 3 star classification, where as a door handle can only ever achieve 2 stars.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve 3 star accreditation by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star door handle. Or, just using a 3 star cylinder alongside an unaccredited door handle. See our simple diagram below.

Achieving TS007 is vital in order to pass any door to PAS 24 or achieve Secured by Design.

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