SmartSecure FUHR SmartConnect easy

SmartSecure FUHR SmartConnect easy

  • Convenient door opening using a smart device
  • SSL encryption
  • Password protected administration area
  • Individual administration up to 200 users
  • Log access operations, changes and settings ? storing up to 1000 entries
  • Suitable for iOS and Android devices
  • Set consisting of SmartConnect easy, smart radio module and master transponder



The intelligent SmartSecure SmartConnect easy access control system allows users to open doors with a smart device. If desired it can also be connected to the internet or an existing WLAN network.

The system features a user-friendly app from which users can monitor and give access rights to a door from wherever they are. The state of the art, highly secure, WLAN technology can be used for controlling not just multitronic 881 motorised locks, but also garage doors, electric door openers, roller shutters, lighting and much more.

It is simple to add and delete access rights for up to 200 individual users and temporary or timed access can also be granted. The app can log door access and usage storing up to 1,000 entries. 

SmartConnect easy is not only extremely convenient – it is also very secure. The type of encryption – SSL – used for secure communication between the smart device and SmartConnect easy, is the same as that used by online banking services.

For even greater convenience and security, SmartConnect easy is available as a set that includes a Smart radio module and master transponder. The smart radio module unlocks and monitors the multitronic 881 motorised door lock and transmits feedback to the smartphone about whether or not the motor has locked it.

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