CES Free Movement Cylinders

Nickel Plated
Nickel Plated
Nickel Plated
Nickel Plated

CES Free Movement Cylinders

  • Free movement cam feature
  • Emergency function ? key operates even with a key in the opposite end
  • For use with FUHR Emergency Exit Locks
  • 5 pin
  • 3 keys per cylinder
  • Keyed alike versions available to special order


Questions & Answers

The Eurpean Standard EN1125 and EN179 define the design and functionality of emergency and panic exit doors. The main aim of these standards is the security and safety of the people in a building in emergency situations.

Fuhr panic and emergency exit locks are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN1125 and EN179.  It is a requirement of the standards that the complete system including lock, push bar, strikers and cylinder are tested and installed together.

Only the use of the Fuhr 870, 871 lock, strikers, panic push bar and CES free movement cylinder gurantees compliance with the EN1125 and EN179

The free movement cam is a critical feature of the CES product. The 870 and 871 locks will not function without a free movement cam cylinder.

“Free movement” describes a feature, critical when using emergency exit hardware. This allows the key to operate the lock even when a key is already in the other end of the cylinder.

The CES Free movement cylinders are available as standard (key to differ), knob operated and half cylinders. Keyed alike or paired cylinders are only available to order.

When would I need a free movement cylinder?

A free movement cylinder allows a key to operate the cylinder even when there is already a key inserted in the other end. These cylinders are for use on emergency exit door lock kits such as the FUHR 870 and 871. This function ensures that when the panic bar or panic lever is pushed the cam will rotate freely and allow use at any time.

This type of cylinder is also recommended for use with the FUHR 881 Electromechanical Door Lock.

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