Simon Framevent

Slot Sizes
Slot Sizes

Simon Framevent

  • Snap on quick fit end caps
  • Integral fly screen in external hood
  • Rod control available
  • Can be fitted to give updraft or down-draft
  • Positive open and close action
  • Dual and other RAL colours available upon request


Questions & Answers

The Framevent range is ideal for PVCu, timber or aluminium applications. Designed with soft lines reflecting market trends, the Framevent can be fitted to give up to down draft air flow.

Technical Information:

  • Independently tested to BS EN 13141-1:2019
  • Water tightness of 400pa
  • Independently acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN 20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991
  • Sleeves are available on certain models to ensure compliance with BS 7412:2007
  • BS EN ISO 10140-1:2006 - Acoustics
    • Framevent 300
      • Open: 32 dB
      • Closed: 39 dB
    • Framevent 400
      • Open: 30 dB
      • Closed: 34 db

FV300 Slot Size

  • 300mm length = 2328mm2 EA
  • 260mm x 13mm slot

FV400 Slot Size

  • 400mm length = 3180mmEA
  • 365mm x 13mm slot

Colours Available:

  • Standard White
  • Bright White
  • Cream
  • Tan (light oak)
  • Brown (mahogany)
  • Grey (RAL 7016)
  • Black
  • Agate Grey (RAL 7038)

More finishes and dual colours available, please contact us for more information.

What are the changes to Part F 2021 for trickle vents?

Approved Document F: 2021

Why are there new Part F regulations?

The Future Homes Standard 2021

  • Government led project: 31% reduction in CO2 by June 2022
  • Includes updates to Part L and Part F regulations
  • Currently applies to installations in England
  • For windows and doors, by 15th June 2022
    • U values reduce from 1.6 to 1.4
    • Expected goal of 0.8 by 2025

What products can I use to comply?

As windows now make homes more airtight, additional ventilation is required to circulate air in living spaces. Options include mechanical ventilation, extractor fans and trickle vents.

Trickle vents are by far the cheapest and most practical solution to achieve the regulations for both new build and replacement markets.

  • New trickle vents are being launched to offer increased equivalent area air flow.
  • Adjustments to slot heights may be needed to achieve the EQA requirements.
  • Carl F Groupco stock compliant vents from Glazpart, Greenwood, RW Simon and Yale.

What are the new regulations?

for dwellings regarding ventilation....

New build and extensions:

  • Habitable Rooms + Kitchens
    • 8000 EQA
    • 10,000 EQA (single story)
  • Non Habitable Rooms + Bathrooms
    • 4000 EQA
    • 5000 EQA (single story)
  • WC's + Utility Rooms
    • No defined EQA but ventilation is recommended to be provided.
  • Open Plan Living Room + Kitchen
    • If the dwelling has a kitchen and living room which are not separate rooms, at least three ventilators of the same area as for other habitable rooms should be provided in the open-plan space.

Replacement Market:

  • Replacing less than 30% of glazing
    • Replacement windows must provide at least the equivalent EQA as the old window.
    • If no ventilation was previously in place, the EQA standard for new build must be adhered to.
  • Replacing more than 30% of glazing
    • Follow the regulations as for new build and extensions when replacing more than 30% of the glazing products.


New reporting, compliance and certification required by installers from June 2022.

Always refer to the government regulations, download the full document here:



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