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What is PAS 24?

PAS 24 is an enhanced security performance test for door assembly requirements,  every component used within the door set tested must comply to the relevant British Standard for that component.

PAS 24 includes several security tests, such as:

  • Manual intervention
  • Mechanical loading
  • Hard and soft body impact

An example of the intensity of the testing, the mechanical loading tests subjects the door set to 4.5Kn of pressure, the equivalent of approximately 45 times the pressure used to tighten a car wheel nut.

How do I achieve TS 007 on my doors?

TS 007 is a security standard relating to the door handle and cylinder combination used on a door. To achieve TS 007 status, the combination used must total 3 stars.

A cylinder can achieve either 1 or 3 star classification, where as a door handle can only ever achieve 2 stars.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve 3 star accreditation by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star door handle. Or, just using a 3 star cylinder alongside an unaccredited door handle. See our simple diagram below.

Achieving TS007 is vital in order to pass any door to PAS 24 or achieve Secured by Design.

What is BS EN1303?

BS EN 1303 is a British Standard relating to cylinders. It is broken down into 8 digits and ensures that the cylinders are tested to the highest standard. The 8 digits are; Category of Use, Durability, Test Door Mass, Fire Resistance, Safety, Corrosion and Temperature Resistance, Key Related Security and Attack Resistance.

Cylinders are graded based on this criteria.

What are the changes to Part F 2021 for trickle vents?

Approved Document F: 2021

Why are there new Part F regulations?

The Future Homes Standard 2021

  • Government led project: 31% reduction in CO2 by June 2022
  • Includes updates to Part L and Part F regulations
  • Currently applies to installations in England
  • For windows and doors, by 15th June 2022
    • U values reduce from 1.6 to 1.4
    • Expected goal of 0.8 by 2025

What products can I use to comply?

As windows now make homes more airtight, additional ventilation is required to circulate air in living spaces. Options include mechanical ventilation, extractor fans and trickle vents.

Trickle vents are by far the cheapest and most practical solution to achieve the regulations for both new build and replacement markets.

  • New trickle vents are being launched to offer increased equivalent area air flow.
  • Adjustments to slot heights may be needed to achieve the EQA requirements.
  • Carl F Groupco stock compliant vents from Glazpart, Greenwood, RW Simon and Yale.

What are the new regulations?

for dwellings regarding ventilation....

New build and extensions:

  • Habitable Rooms + Kitchens
    • 8000 EQA
    • 10,000 EQA (single story)
  • Non Habitable Rooms + Bathrooms
    • 4000 EQA
    • 5000 EQA (single story)
  • WC's + Utility Rooms
    • No defined EQA but ventilation is recommended to be provided.
  • Open Plan Living Room + Kitchen
    • If the dwelling has a kitchen and living room which are not separate rooms, at least three ventilators of the same area as for other habitable rooms should be provided in the open-plan space.

Replacement Market:

  • Replacing less than 30% of glazing
    • Replacement windows must provide at least the equivalent EQA as the old window.
    • If no ventilation was previously in place, the EQA standard for new build must be adhered to.
  • Replacing more than 30% of glazing
    • Follow the regulations as for new build and extensions when replacing more than 30% of the glazing products.


New reporting, compliance and certification required by installers from June 2022.

Always refer to the government regulations, download the full document here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ventilation-approved-document-f



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