Moving upwards in a downturn

With the market downturn starting to be felt across the industry, John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco discusses the opportunities that exist and the hardware solutions that can support these opportunities.

With the market downturn starting to be felt across the industry, John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco discusses the opportunities that exist and the hardware solutions that can support these opportunities.

After the boom in home improvements throughout the pandemic, we now face economic and market uncertainty which is impacting across the industry. But where there is uncertainty there is always opportunity, and one area that continues to flourish is the demand for aluminium products especially across the domestic sector.

Aluminium has become the go-to material for door products as they deliver high-end aesthetics and longlasting functionality that today’s consumer demands. But high-end aluminium doors need quality hardware to complete the picture. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.

If you think about an aluminium door, the hardware is the function that end users will engage with on a daily basis, so exceptional quality and user experience are essential. It’s why we’re increasingly finding that aluminium fabricators and system houses are seeking next-level hardware as part of high specification installations.

For such projects, FUHR, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality multipoint locking systems, has the hardware that’s needed. We’re celebrating 60 years as a long-standing supply partner of FUHR and we carry the largest stocked range of FUHR products in the UK.

The FUHR autosafe 833 Slam Shut Door Lock is a reliable multipoint locking device that has automatic locking functionality. It’s opened with a key on the outside and a handle on the inside. It protects a property from unauthorised access from the moment the door is closed because as it is closed, the latches turn into solid latching deadbolts.

The next two popular door hardware solutions are part of our SmartSecure range, which offers electronic multipoint door locking systems and smart access control technology that ensure functionality, durability and security – and pave the way to modern, stress-free living.

The SmartSecure FUHR autotronic 834 Automatic Door Lock is a practical hybrid solution that combines the convenience of an automatic lock and the advanced functionality of an electromechanical lock. The door locks automatically as it’s closed. It can be opened manually with a key or with any of FUHR’s access control systems, making carrying bunches of keys a thing of the past. These include SmartConnect, an easy access control system that allows users to open doors with a smart phone or tablet. There’s SmartTouch comfort, which uses an active transponder and keyless unlocking by simply touching a sensor on the door or pull handle. There are also FUHR Radio Access Control Options, which include a radio fingerprint scanner, a radio keypad and a radio transponder.

The ultimate solution is the FUHR 881 multitronic door lock kit. With this system, the door is opened electronically using any FUHR keyless access control system.

Both the 834 and the 881 systems can be wired into existing building management systems such as security and fire alarms. And a manual override is always available for those moments when real life intervenes and there’s a power cut or the customer’s phone has run out of charge.

All these locking systems are available with backsets of 35, 40, 45 and 55mm and with a full range of flat and U rail faceplates. There is a full range of extensions and shootbolts for doors up to 3 metres high and systems can be prepared to accept access restrictors and additional deadbolts. They also all help to prevent doors warping because they hold the door in place on all locking points rather than relying on the home owner to lift the lever. Importantly, all the systems can be supplied in an anti-panic version for emergency escape scenarios.

Of course, the products at this premium end of the market are just a small selection of what we have to offer.

As one of the only independently-owned hardware distributors, combined with our long-standing relationships with Europe’s most innovative manufacturers, we have the flexibility and competence to ensure our range always reflects current market trends.

We also use our scale to make sure we can be the reliable hardware partner you need. We hold £5.5 million worth of stock, which allows us to offer short lead times and a high level of customer service even during these turbulent times.

So, whether you’re looking for the cutting-edge hardware solutions that set your products apart or the high-quality solutions that match your reputation, Carl F Groupco has what you need.

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