FUHR 855 Type 3 Door Lock

FUHR 855 Type 3 Door Lock

  • Reversible latch and deadbolt
  • 2 hooks, 2 rollers, latch & deadbolt
  • Variable handle height - supplied at 1020mm
  • FUHR silver corrosion resistant surface finish
  • Profile related locking plates
  • Key operated door lock
  • 25, 30, 35, 45 and 55mm backsets available
  • 92mm PZ centre



FUHR MultiSafe multi-point door locks are renowned for their ease of use, reliability and durability. Profile specific keeps ensure secure fastening to the outer frame.

The FUHR 855 door locks are operated using the key which engages and disengages the locking points. Two full turns of the key are required to fully engage the locking points. Instead of a lever handle, a fixed pad is used on the outside of the door and the key used to operate the latch. From the inside, the latch can be operated using a lever handle.

The FUHR 855 Type 3 is ideal in applications where security is a concern. This lock features 2 hooks, 2 roller cams, reversible latch and deadbolt. The hooks engage in pressed steel locking keeps which are profile related for a secure fit, without packers. 


  • 14mm or 20mm deadbolt and round bolt throw
  • 19mm roller cam travel

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