Maco R.A.I.L Reach Espagnolette

Incorporating the twin cam technology of the Maco R.A.I.L Espagnolette the R.A.I.L Reach has a handle offset at 185mm from the bottom of the espagnolette. It is ideal for use on side hung windows for the elderly or infirm as well as those hard to reach windows found in kitchens and bathrooms.

The reverse action operation pulls the locking cams together, clamping them into both sides of the striker plate for strength and security.

With no cropping or extensions required fabrication is fast and simple.

Available in 20mm and 22mm backsets with a choice of 7.7mm and 9.0mm high adjustable mushroom cams.

All MACO products are supplied with the Tricoat Plus coating as standardb providing 1,000 hours salt spray testing to BS EN 1670.


Technical Information:

Handle height: 185mm from bottom of espagnolette
Backset: 20mm and 22mm
Cam height: 7.7mm, 9.0mm
Cam adjustment: +/- 1mm
Faceplate width: 16mm
Eurogroove depth: standard 12mm and shallower Eurogrooves
Sash Rebate size range:  600mm – 1400mm

Salt spray tested to 1000hrs


Material Specification:
Faceplate: Mild Steel  to DIN  1624
Zinc diecast components: Zamac Z410 to DIN 1743
Reverse Action Gears :  Sintered steel D30 to DIN 30910
Corrision resistance:  BS EN1670 Grade 4 (240 hours)


Tricoat Finish

The surface provides outstanding featured for use in regions with high saline air and in regions affected by increased chemical attacks. The top and bottom hinges are coated using a special coating procedure. The finely structured surface is extremely resistant to corrosion and scratching and repels water and dirt.

The Maco performance with the Tricoat finish when salt-spray fog tested to DIN50021-SS achieved 600 hours with a proportion of max.

The Tricoat is idea for application in:

  • Rooms continually exposed to high humidity (cellars, washrooms)
  • Buildings continually affected by chlorine vapour (swimming pools)
  • Buildings with ammonia vapour (stables, kennels)
  • Types of wood containing tannic acid (oak)
  • Buildings situated near to heavy industry
  • Buildings with a high concentration of lactic acid vapour (dairies, cheese factories)
  • Buildings near the coast or on an island.

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