Roto TSL Espagnolette

Roto TSL Espagnolette

  • Inline security espagnolette
  • Twin reverse cam security
  • Suitable for standard and shallow eurogrooves
  • Suitable for aluminium, PVC and timber profiles
  • Roto Sil Nano surface finish - 480hrs
  • Low handle height of 205mm available


Questions & Answers

Roto’s Twin-Cam Security Lock (TSL) has been design to provide a high level of security for outward opening windows, with specific protection against jemmying.

The one piece espagnolette features up to four pairs of dual reverse action locking points. When the handle is turned, the gearbox drives each pair of cams into double sided strikers from opposite directions. This ensures maximum burglary protection defined in PAS 24:2012.

In addition, the strikers are fixed to the profile with two screws which prevent the former from twisting, even in the event that a great force is applied.

The eccentric cam design not only increases burglar-resistant security, it also provides greater gasket compression. The striker also features a night vent facility.

For difficult to reach windows, the TSL low handle height variant would be ideal. The central gearbox is offset at 205mm from the bottom of the espagnolette to allow a lower handle height to be achieved for side hung windows.


Testing and Accreditation:
• Salt spray tested to BS EN 1670 480hrs
• PAS 24 compliant

• Backset: 20mm or 22mm
• Cam Height: 8.0mm, 9.5mm or 10.5mm
• Faceplate width: 16mm
• Sash rebate size range: 305 – 1600mm
• Low Handle Height: 205mm from bottom of the espag

• Cam adjustment: +/- 1mm

• 10 Year Mechanical Guarantee

What is PAS 24?

PAS 24 is an enhanced security performance test for door assembly requirements,  every component used within the door set tested must comply to the relevant British Standard for that component.

PAS 24 includes several security tests, such as:

  • Manual intervention
  • Mechanical loading
  • Hard and soft body impact

An example of the intensity of the testing, the mechanical loading tests subjects the door set to 4.5Kn of pressure, the equivalent of approximately 45 times the pressure used to tighten a car wheel nut.

What are the main benefits of the Roto TSL espag?

Watch the video to explore the main benefits of the Roto TSL espagnolettes.

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