Kenrick Interceptor Espagnolette

Routering Details
Routering Details

Kenrick Interceptor Espagnolette

  • Simple to install with no cropping
  • Twin uni-directional mushroom cam locking
  • Assists BS 7950 compliance
  • Exceeds BS1670 with minimum Grade 4 (240 hours) salt spray testing


Questions & Answers

The Kenrick Interceptor espagnolette has been designed with time saving as a high priority. Every second counts during production and in order to help fabricators maximise their output, this new multipoint window lock can be fitted in seconds.

The Interceptor requires no cropping and simple installation whilst maintaining a high level of security assisting in PAS 24 compliance.

The gearbox is supplied unhanded, helping fabricators to effectively manage stock holding, and the espagnolette itself fits to most Eurogroove systems. Only profile related keeps with a night vent facility are then required.

The locking points comprise of twin uni-directional mushroom cams, which are available in 7.5mm or 9mm cam heights, the bar is available in lengths from 280mm to 1400mm with 20mm or 22mm backsets.

Not only does this espagnolette offer high security and fast fitting, it has also been tested to 100,000 cycles and comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee. The espagnolette has also been salt spray tested to the minimum of 240 hours, exceeding the requirements of BS 7412.

Technical Data:

Backset: 20mm and 22mm Backset
Cam height: 7.5mm and 9.0mm 
Cam adjustment: +/- 1mm
Faceplate width: 16mm
Bar sizes: 280mm to 1400mm
Mushroom cam stroke: 20mm
Mushroom cam adjustability: 1mm
Salt spray tested to BS EN 1670 240hrs

What is PAS 24?

PAS 24 is an enhanced security performance test for door assembly requirements,  every component used within the door set tested must comply to the relevant British Standard for that component.

PAS 24 includes several security tests, such as:

  • Manual intervention
  • Mechanical loading
  • Hard and soft body impact

An example of the intensity of the testing, the mechanical loading tests subjects the door set to 4.5Kn of pressure, the equivalent of approximately 45 times the pressure used to tighten a car wheel nut.

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