Strand Highline Electric Openers

Strand Highline Electric Openers

  • Continuous bleep if not set up correctly, if obstructed or not closed fully
  • VCS panels can drive two or three wire electric actuators
  • 24V battery backup with charge and low battery condition monitoring
  • 240V and 12V failure monitor
  • Various control panels available



Highline electric window controls for single, group and zoned operation from manually operated switches or automated control panels linked to a variety of sensors that can, if required, be used in conjunction with existing alarm systems.

Technical Specification:

Actuator - E800

Voltage supply:                    24V dc                            230V ac

Stroke:                                   200 - 400mm                   200 - 380mm

Thrust force:                          300N                                300N

Absorbted Current:                1.3A                                0.26A

Speed:                                   17mm/s                            27mm/s

Protection class:                     IP 30                                IP 30

Wiring:                                    1.5 (2 Core)                     1.5 (3 Core)

Colours Available:                  White/Black/Grey            White/Black/Grey

Limit Stop:                              Electronic                         Electronic

Safety Stop:                           Electronic                         Electronic

Max Window Width:               <1.3m                              <1.3m

Automated control panels - for use with electric openers

A range of automated control panels are available for numerous add-ons that can be used for operation in any home or commercial building.

The VCS panels are easy to operate and need very little maintenance, and once installed the system is totally automatic and any single control panel can operate one of the additional items listed below:

  • Thermostat
  • Smoke sensor
  • Break glass switch
  • Rain sensor
  • S50 switches

If connected with the smoke detectors, it will work in conjunctiuon with most existing Fire Alarm systems, and when activated the signals from the fire alarm will cause the sensors to activate and open the smoke vents.

Material Specification

Strong die-cast aluminium body with rigid or pivot fixing option and various brackets and extensions to suit most applications

When ordering, you will need to complete an order specification form.

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