Greenwood EAR42W Acoustic Window Ventilator

Greenwood EAR42W Acoustic Window Ventilator

  • Outstanding Dn,e,w; 42dB(A) for areas with high external noise transmission
  • Humidity Control
  • Manual override
  • Upward air deflection to prevent draughts



The EAR42W is one of the best performing acoustic window ventilators available in the UK. The ventilator provides outstanding Dn,e,w 42dB(A) for areas with high external noise transmission, those likely in PPG4 categories B, C and D.

The ventilator has been designed with upward air deflection to eliminate replacement air causing draughts.

Humidity Control

Humidity levels in the air are in direct relation to the amount of water vapour it contains. The amount that it can hold then depends on the temperature of the air, e.g. the higher the temperature, the more water vapour.

High levels of humidity or water vapour in the air needs means of escape (via natural paths in the building or ventilation extraction), in addition to the provision of fresh air being replaced into the home, usually via window ventilators located in both wet and dry rooms.

The EAR42W vent works to replace air in accordance with the varying humidity levels within the property. A specially designed sensor inside the product senses both internal and external temperature, therefore regulating the replacement air. In order to improve the thermal insulation and eliminate the risk of condensation forming in or on the product an additional thermal channel internally adjusts and regulates the temperature sensor.

Manual Control for Occupants

For compliance with Building Regulations the homeowner/occupant must be able to operate the ventilation device to ensure comfort in the home. The EAR42W design includes manual override control with three settings:

  • 0 : Close - providing minimal airflow
  • ~ : Hygro - humidity control ventilation
  • 1 : Open - maximum airflow opening

Manufactured from ABS - available in white as standard

Accoustic Performance: 

  • Dn,e,w           42dB(A)
  • Dn,e,w (C)     42dB
  • Dn,e,w (Ctr)   42dB

All in Open Position: 

Dn,e,w: Average weighted performance across freuency range 

C: Pink Noise

Ctr: Road Noise

Full specification detail and test reports are available on request. 


Closed Position:

  • Dn,e,w 45dB (A)

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