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How to fit a Patriot Plus Hinge

Tools required:

  • 5mm Hex Key
  • Door Jig (part number Jig-0036)
  • 4mm drill bit
  • Plastic Hammer

View the video for full details on fitting.

How do I adjust the Patriot Plus hinge post-installation?

Lateral and height adjustment:

Tools required:

  • 5mm Hex Key
  • Screwdriver

The lateral alignment of the Patriot Plus Hinge can be adjusted by +/-6mm

The height can be adjusted by +8mm


Compression Adjustment:

Tools required:

  • 4mm Hex Key

The compression of the Patriot Plus Hinge can be adjusted by +/- 1.5mm

What is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-plug extraction and anti-drill?

Anti-Snap – the cylinder has a section or sections, often called a sacrificial cut, either side of the central lock mechanism that will come away if the cylinder was to be attacked from the outside, however leaving the remainder of the cylinder mechanism intact and locked.

Anti-Pick – the top half of the pin stack inside the cylinder are designed to include a mushroom shape or indent. Therefore, if something was used to pick the cylinder it would catch on the pins and prevent the cylinder from unlocking.

Anti-Bump – cylinders are designed to have more pins (generally 6) and a shallow pin stack. By doing this it means that if a bump key was knocked into the cylinder, the pins would not jump up meaning the cylinder could not be bumped.

Anti-Plug/Core Extraction – the cylinder has strengthened steel circlips that hold the cylinder in place so the core cannot be extracted from the cylinder.

Anti-Drill – the cylinder has plates and pins built in and this prevents the cylinder core being turned if the pin stack was attacked by a drill. It is designed to break the drill bit and protect the integrity of the cylinder to prevent entry.

What is the difference between restricted and open profile cylinders?

Restricted profile cylinders / key systems are non-duplicable, meaning it’s impossible to purchase blank keys in the market and create fraudulent keys. These cylinders provide a higher level of security.

On the other hand, open profile cylinders mean that any key cutter on the market can make replacement cuts and the cylinders can then be mastered from this. This can sometimes be a homeowner’s preference as it is easier to get additional keys cut.

How to replace a euro cylinder?

Step 1: Open the door and loosen the door handle fixing screws slightly, or remove them and the handles completely

Step 2: Unscrew and remove the cylinder fixing screw

Step 3: Put the key in the cylinder and slightly turn it until the cam tongue is aligned, once this is aligned you can pull the cylinder out, (generally the key will point to around 5 to or 5 past on a clock face)

Step 4: Replace with the new cylinder and then repeat the process in reverse order

When would I need a free movement cylinder?

A free movement cylinder allows a key to operate the cylinder even when there is already a key inserted in the other end. These cylinders are for use on emergency exit door lock kits such as the FUHR 870 and 871. This function ensures that when the panic bar or panic lever is pushed the cam will rotate freely and allow use at any time.

This type of cylinder is also recommended for use with the FUHR 881 Electromechanical Door Lock.

What types of door handle are there?

There are three popular types of door handle. Refer to our website or catalogue for the full range of brands, designs and colour options.


  • Levers on the inside and outside of the door.
  • Ideal for use with a lever operated multipoint door locking mechanism.

Lever/Moving Pad

  • Lever on the inside and a moving pad on the outside of the door.
  • Moving pads are usually used with split or dual spindle multipoint door locking mechanisms.

Lever/Fixed Pad

  • Lever on the inside and a fixed pad on the outside of the door.
  • Fixed pads are used with key wind up locks
Is it possible to use one key to open multiple doors?

Yes, this system is called keyed alike. It is where one key can open a group of keyed alike cylinders, so for example someone’s front door key could also unlock their patio doors and back door. All of the euro profile cylinders supplied by Carl F Groupco have the option to be supplied in this way.

You can also opt for a master key system, this is useful for buildings where different types of access are required, usually in hotels or where building management is required. This usually isn't recommended for standard domestic properties.

How to measure for a replacement euro cylinder

Step 1: Measure the overall length from the bottom part of the cylinder

Step 2: Measure from the centre screw hole to each end, these two measurements combined should be equal to the overall length


Step 1: Measure from the centre screw hole on the door lock to the face end of the cylinder on each side, these two measurements will be equal to the overall length

How do I measure the PZ centre and Backset on a door lock?


The backset is the dimension from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the handle spindle or cylinder hole.

The most popular backset sizes are 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm.

The backset dimension is the distance between A and B on the diagram.


PZ Centre

The "PZ" or "Centre" is the distance between the centre of the handle spindle and the centre of the round section of the cylinder. 

The PZ Centre dimension is the dimension between C and D on the diagram.

Multipoint locks can have one or two spindle holes (also known as followers) these type of locks will have two measurements, the most popular being 62mm / 92mm.

Most modern locks with one spindle are 92mm centre, however some older locks may be 70mm or 72mm.


How do I change the handing of a FUHR door bolt?

On most FUHR locks, to change the handing you remove the small grub screw on the side of the lock case adjacent to the latch plate with a 2mm allen key.

Remove the latch and turn in it 180º vertically, place it back into the opening and secure the grub screw back in place.

The FUHR 871 and FUHR 881 door locks are supplied handed, this cannot be changed, so please ensure you order the correct handing for the application.

How do I replace a FUHR Lockcase?

Step 1 Unscrew and remove the 3 screws as shown in the video

Step 2 Remove the lockcase

Step 3 Clip the replacement lockcase in place

Step 4 Replace the 3 screws


How do I adjust FUHR keeps/strikers?

Hook and Keep alignment:

The hook and keep should be aligned using the guideline on the hook plate. Ensure the hook engages correctly avoiding friction on which can result in damage to the hook, there should be a 2mm gap between the line on the hook plate and the flat of the hook as shown in the diagram.


Latch and hook adjustment:

Take care not to over adjust the hook keep as this can damage the keep - do not rotate through 360º.
A screwdriver and a 4mm allen key will be required when adjusting these plates.


Roller and mushroom adjustment:

Adjust eccentric compression of roller and mushroom keeps to ensure the optimum compression for the door.
Adjust the compression using a 4mm allen key.


How does the FUHR autosafe 833 door lock operate?

On closing the door, the latch depresses.

A magnet which is built into the keep/striker engages the latch. 

The latch throws 20mm into the keep/striker and deadbolts.

The latch remains secure and locked until the the door is unlocked.

How can I ensure my FUHR 881 is working correctly?

Step 1 Remove the magnet from the frame

Step 2 Close the door until the tappets on the hinge side touch the contact plate (don't fully close the door)

Step 3 Place the magnet against the small circule within the magnet part of the door lock

Step 4 If the hook locking points extend, then the lock is working correctly.

What are the SmartSecure access control options?

The SmartSecure access control options available from Carl F Groupco are:

  • Finger print scanner
  • SmartTouch (which can be built into a lever handle)
  • Keypad
  • SmartConnect
What does a master key suite mean?

This cylinder key system is used where you need to provide different levels of access to different people within a building. For example, a system could allow for cleaning staff to be able to unlock all cylinders in an office, but only allow individuals to unlock their personal office door.

What are the security benefits of the TS008 letterplate?

The video illustrates the potential security threat that letter box fishing poses to homeowners. 

The Yale TS 008 letterplate conforms to PAS 24 and approved to Document Q and overcomes this issue.

The inner protective housing has a unique concealed hinge mechanism to prevent attack.

The inner flap has a positive stop feature for maximum protection from 'fishing'.

How do I pair Yale L1 Conexis with my smart phone?

You should only pair one smart phone with the lock. You will then be able to send mobile keys to other smart phones using the Yale lock app.

Download the app for iPhone or Android. Create an account and follow the onscreen instructions.

Create an account and 'Add a New Lock'. Follow the video guide on how to use.



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