Securistyle Defender Restricted

The Defender Restricted friction stay combines two safety features in one mechanism. The built in child resistant mechanism limits the initial opening of the window to 100mm. A quick release function allows with window to be opened fully for easy cleaning and maximum ventilation. The restrictor automatically relocates and resets when the window is closed.

As with other friction stays in the Defender range, the restricted variant offers enhanced weather sealing from the extended enclosed end cap.


Technical Data:

Available in 12" to 24" top hung and 12" and 16" side hung

Available in 13mm or 17mm Stack Heights

Finish options:

The Defender Standard friction stay is available with a 10 or 12 year guarantee, depending upon the material selection:

  • Standard ferretic steel to BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1, 4016 offers a 10 year guarantee
  • Austenitic stainless steel to BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1, 4301 for enhanced corrosion resistance offers a 12 year guarantee (available to order only)


Top Hung Highline Highline        
13-14mm 16-17mm 17-18mm Max Vent
Weight (kg)
Min Vent
Height (mm)
Max Vent
Height (mm)
Opening Angle
(+/- 2.5°)
Restricted / Max
EDTR12 EDTR12H6 EDTR12H7 20 350 550 14°/ 65°
EDTR16 EDTR16H6 EDTR16H7 21 500 750 10°/ 59°
EDTR20 EDTR20H6 EDTR20H7 26 700 1100 8°/ 50°
EDTR24 EDTR24H6 EDTR24H7 40 850 1300 7°/ 37.5°
Side Hung       Min Width (mm) Max Width (mm)  
EDSR12L EDSR12H6L EDSR12H7L 22 300 600 13°/ 58°
EDSR12R EDSR12H6R EDSR12H7R 22 300 600 13°/ 58°
EDSR16L EDSR16H6L EDSR16H7L 24 400 700 11°/ 58°
EDSR16R EDSR16H6R EDSR16H7R 24 400 700 11°/ 58


Side hung restricted hinges sold singularly require an opposite hand standard hinge.
As only one side hung restricted hinge is required this must be fitted as the bottom hinge. See page 170.
Top hung restricted hinges are sold in pairs and must be fitted as pairs.

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