MACO MKV Shootbolt

Achieve unique advantages in speed and comfort during fabrication with the high security standards you have come to expect from MACO. Developed directly with fabricators and installers the MKV delivers market leading security, quality and user benefits. With one sized backset at 21 mm the MKV sets a new standard.

Suitable for use with:

  • Aluminium, PVC-u or Timber windows.
  • French casement, side hung, top hung, fully reversible and reach low handle height windows


One Security Platform: Two Fabrication Methods: Same Benefit

MKV Telescopic is the ideal solution for high volume window production. The unique design enables the MKV to simply be removed from the packaging before extending to size and inserting into the Eurogroove. The MKV makes fabrication a fast, trouble free assembly process.

MKV Croppable gives all of the security benefits of the telescopic version, whilst providing increased flexibility to the style of windows that are being manufactured. As well as a central handle position, MKV croppable is ideal for windows that are required to meet the disability discrimination act (DDA) standards through the REACH extension. Centre locks can be installed for tall top hung windows, French and short windows.


Unique Features

Adjustable mushroom cams

  • Greater levels of adjustment +/-1mm
  • New T15 torx key adjustment, more stable to adjust
  • Stronger mushroom cam through innovative manufacturing process

Smaller designed lockcase

  • Minimises machining time
  • Achieves maximum sash strength due to a reduction of material removed from the sash

Unique design spindle follower When the handle is fixed it is designed to twist and still give a smooth operation

Lockcase centralisation pins Unique central lockcase pin is removed by the installation of the handle. The pin also holds the spindle within the lockcase to assist with the fixing of the handle

Slimline lockcase depth Reduces the depth of machining within the sash

Universal Backset One backset size for all profile handle positions (20, 21 and 22mm)

Easy to adjust shootbolt New end caps allow for easy shootbolt throw adjustment. Simply remove after the first operation.

Security support guides Extra support for the shootbolt within the Eurogroove for maximum security performance.

Easy fast fit, all screws on one face Less screws, all on one face removes the need to turn the sash during fabrication

Suitable for all Eurogroove styles Regardless of the Eurogroove depth the MKV is one fit for all.


Additional Benefits of the Telescopic MKV

Eurogroove twist lock

  • Unique twist feature enables simple size setting.
  • Ensures simple to operate & low friction operation of the MKV telescopic shootbolt

Telescopic design Ensures a fast, crop free production on a large range of windows.


Plus all of the usual MACO benefits:

  • MACO Class 5 silver finish as standard
  • 10 year guarantee

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