Tigris MasterKey Systems

A master suite may be required in multiple occupancy buildings, such as a block of flats or office buildings. The master key will open all cylinders, a sub-master key opens only a set of cylinders, while the key of the ‘child’ cylinder will only open the cylinder to which it is matched.

There are three levels of cylinders based on the key security and complexity of the Master Key system, choices of which level is most appropriate should be based on the following:

  • How secure should your master key system be? Do you require anti bump? Are pirate key blanks available? Are procedures to obtain additional keys secure?
  • How accessible should your maser key system be? The disability Discrimination Act (DDS): 2005 introduced measures aimed at ending discrimination against those with special needs. Tigris® accessible thumbturns and key fobs are designed to meet the needs of BS8300:2009 and to contribute to satisfying the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).
  • How large and how complex should the master key system be? Will the master key system cater for any future expansion needs?
  • How convenient should key duplicating be? Systems are available where key blanks are freely available and local key cutting is possible. These master key systems are less secure yet key duplication is convenient. Alternatively, systems are available where key cutting is only provided by Tigris. Keys are supplied within a fews days making this method much more secure.
  • What kind of cylinders are needed in the system? Special sizes, functions and finishes are only available on certain cylinder levels.

Product Features:






Pins 6 6 6
Keys Supplied 2 2 2
Satin Chrome Finish Y Y Y
Polished Brass Finish Y Y Y
Cost is a factor Y Y  
Security is a factor     Y
Anti-Bump     Y
Anti-Pick Y Y Y
Anti-Drill Body and Plug   Y Y
Local Key Cutting / Blanks Y Y  
Key Cutting by Tigris only     Y















The Tigris MasterKey systems are made to order, delivery time is based upon the size and complexity of the system and will be advised on order. Most orders take 3 - 5 working days on receipt of order.

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