MACO Protect Z-TA Automatic Door Lock

The MACO Z-TA 3-latch door lock is a natural progression of the Protect range, offering more functionality.

The safe and secure locking mechanism engages locking points automatically on closing the door. The engaging soft latch and the two multifunctional latches immediately produce the optimum gasket compression. Directly thereafter, the hook locking modules and centre deadbolt engage to provide security. The automatic lock provides the home owner with the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

This lock can be supplied with the upgraded Tricoat Plus coating as standard providing 1,000 salt spray testing to BS EN 1670, if required.

Locking without a key -  the door sash closes into the frame and locks (including the deadbolt) without operating the key or a lift lever handle. All locking elements are secured against back pressure. The locking mechanism is triggered by a magnet that is positioned within the central latchplate meaning there is no requirement for electrical components and the home owner can be secure in the knowledge that their door is locked even with power failure.

How it works:

  1. The latches engage with the strikers. This evenly distributes the gasket compression
  2. A magnet positioned in the latchplate triggers the locking mechanism
  3. The hook locking modules and deadbolt then engage fully and automatically. This fully locks and secures the door.
  4. Additional security can be added by turning the key 360º. The lock mechanism is then blocked and the handle can no longer be operated

The Z-TA can be combined with an optional motor to produce the Z-TA Comfort lock. Together with state of the art access control systems, such as Touch (fingerprint), Code (keypad) and Transponder are available. 

Testing and Accreditation

  • Tested to PAS 24:2012
  • Endurance tested to 200,000 operations
  • MACO silver look surface treatment tested to 480 hrs Class 5 EN 1670 corrosion resistance
  • 10 year MACO product warranty
  • Approved product under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme
  • MACO Tricoat Plus coating provides 1,000 salt spray testing to BS EN 1670.

Technical Specification

  • Available to suit doors manufactured from PVCu, Timber and Composite Doors
  • 2 Hook, 3 Latch and Deadbolt locking points
  • Non handed

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Hook and Latch Locking


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