HS Portal 300 Lift & Slide

Decades of development expertise have made the Siegenia lift & slide technology so sophisticated that even a sash weight of up to 400kg can be operated safely, conveniently and effortlessly. This is how the HS Portal technology is able to reach opening widths of up to 12m and a total width of over 19m.

The fully concealed soft close function, which consists of a guiding roll and a damper, brakes heavy sashes just before the end position and then gently pulls the sash into the locking position. This helps to rule out any risk of injury, protects the window elements and prevents damage to the building structure.

The hook locking technology has been enhanced by Siegenia on the system, now completely concealed for added security and improved aesthetic appeal with no protruding hardware components. The locking hook provides a tighter seal and increased security.

The height adjustable bogie wheels suitable for sash weights up to 300kg make it possible to lift the rear sliding sash up by approximately 3mm. This provides quick and easy adjustment of the sliding sash during assembly.

The HS Portal is fitted with a night vent feature as standard, operated using the handle allowing effective ventilation of up to 265m3/hr air exchange.

The ECO PASS threshold option provides a highly energy efficient and completely barrier free opening with only the running rail raised above the threshold by 5mm.



The HS Portal gearing allows the lift and slide door to be operated with just one finger. The design of the gearing means that the wheels clear any gaskets to ensure there is no friction while in the slide position, making opening and closing the door almost effortless.

Although the system is extremely easy to operate, for projects where complete automation is required it is possible to add motorised operation and electronic locking monitoring. The DRIVE system makes it possible to automatically open and close sash weights of up to 400kg. An emergency override function is built in in case of power cuts and the night vent feature can also be set with this method.



HS Portal can be used with:

  • Timber (Holtz) up to 92mm thickness

Siegenia-Aubi provide recommend specific design for timber profiles, for more details please contact our technical department: 01733 393330

  • uPVC (KF) kits currently available for Profine, Rehau and Veka
  • Aluminium (LM)


Technical Information

Load weights:

  • 300kg with standard bogie wheels
  • 400kg with heavy duty bogie wheel add on

Sash width: 720 - 3350mm

Sash height: 1190 - 2690mm

Outer frame width: 1470 - 6700mm

Outer frame height: 1308 - 2808mm

Backset (gear): 37.5mm

Sash thickness: 56, 66 or 68mm

Sash clearance: 10mm* or 28mm (or 30mm only if FHD 66)

Handle position (window: FH 1190-1790): 410mm

Handle position (door: FH 1790-2690): 1010mm

*only for sash thicknesses 66 and 68mm

For full technical details for your profile please contact our technical department: 01733 393330 or email sales@carlfgroupco.co.uk


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Handle Colour Options


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