FUHR 859 Type 3 for Timber and Composite Doors

The FUHR 859 Type 3 door lock design has been adapted to make it suitable for installation on flush fitting doors including timber, composite and steel. We recognise the importance of having hardware specifically designed for this application to ensure accurate fitting, efficient operation and no compromise on security and product features.

Split Spindle operations is traditionally used to offer additional security as the external lever does not operate the latch, the traditional method requires the use of two spindles, one to operate the lock and one for the external handle.

FUHR’s 859 series spilt spindle design only requires one spindle which is “split” allowing the user to determine the lock operation by the handle used. The two part design of the spindle allows Lever / Pad operation allowing the latch only to be released by the key, not the handle. Alternatively a single piece spindle can be used with the lock allowing lever operation from inside and outside.

The FUHR 859 Type 3 is ideal in applications where security is a concern. This lock features 2 hooks, 0 roller cams, reversible latch and deadbolt. The hooks engage in pressed steel locking keeps which are profile related for a secure fit, without packers. The Type 3 can also be supplied with an extended drive rail and serrations for optional shootbolts.



  • 14mm or 20mm deadbolt throw
  • 20mm hook bolt throw
  • 19mm roller cam travel and shootbolt throw


Please note, no rollers are on this door lock for Timber / Composite use. The line drawing shows the hook dimensions, please disregard the roller positions.



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