FUHR 870 Type 8
Emergency Exit

The FUHR 870 Type 8 emergency exit multipoint door lock features 2 steel round bolts, latch and deadbolt. The door lock is capable of meeting the requirements of EN 1125 (applies to public buildings or other premises where occupants may not be familiar with exit routes and hardware devices) and EN 179 (applies to non-public buildings and potentials users have been fully trained on how to use the door). 

In order to comply with these standards, the lock must be used with an approved free movement cylinder and panic bar.

From the inside, the 870 allows the door to be opened at any time to provide an emergency exit. From outside, access can be provided using a key. After opening, the cylinder must be locked to regain full security.

Two kit options are available for the FUHR 870 depending upon whether outside access is required. If access is required, the kit includes a silver backplate and knob handle set, while the key operates the lock the handle allows the door to be pulled open.

For double doors, a 3 piece lock is available for the slave leaf to run behind the false mullion. Shootbolt extensions fit to a centre section providing security on the slave leaf. The standard 870 lock can be used as the master lock. A CES free movement cylinder should always be used on FUHR panic gearing to meet EN standards for panic or emergency escape doors and achieve CE mark. 

To achieve EN 1125 for double doors the 870 EN 1125 slave lock should be used alongside the standard master leaf set up:

  • Special handed, sprung loaded shootbolts
  • Special non PZ panic bar fitted to slave leaf
  • Plus a special quick release centre catch plate



  • 14mm or 20mm round bolt throw
  • 19mm roller shootbolt throw

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