SmartSecure FUHR 881 Multitronic Electromechanical Door Lock

The SmartSecure FUHR 881 Multitronic is an electric, motorised multipoint locking system with integrated panic function suitable for aluminium, timber, composite or PVCu main entrance doors in residential and non-residential buildings. It provides the end user with the convenience of using a remote control key to gain access, all locking parts automatically extend and engage when the door is closed, including the deadbolt.


It provides security, comfort and convenience, but is also strong, secure and durable. There are no additional installation costs and the lock is quick and easy to install. All components are included in the box and are integrated within the door itself, ensuring quick, simple and reliable on-site installation. Simply connect a plug to the cable.


The door lock is supplied as a set as standard, suitable for typical single residential doors, however the modular format of the components means that it is ideal for bespoke projects. The system has been designed to be as flexible as a project requires with multiple power, access control and fitting options.

Offering a high level of flexibility, the FUHR 881 can be fully integrated with alarms, building management systems and access control and is therefore suitable for most building requirements. Please see page 16 for more information on the compatibility features of the door lock. This also means that it is easy to add additional functionality after initial installation.

The door lock is capable of achieving the requirements of EN 179 and EN 1125 providing the lock is fitted with fully tested hardware such as the CES free movement cylinder and FUHR panic bar.




Unlocking from outside

  • Almost any access control can be integrated with the system. As standard, a 3-channel key fob is supplied which allows operation of up to 3 devices (e.g. front door, garage and gates).
  • Finger print recognition, Keypad, Transponder, SmartTouch & SmartConnect (optional extras).
  • The lock is fail secure from the outside in the event of power failure, it can be manually overridden using the profile cylinder.


Unlocking from inside

  • By the her a lever handle or panic push bar (panic function will release all locking points)
  • Entry phone wall mounted switch (optional extra)
  • By radio control key
  • The lock is fail safe from the inside which means it can be overridden by the lever handle or panic bar.


The package of components is profile specific for the 881 Multitronic.

Access Control Options

  • SmartConnect easy
  • SmartTouch comfort
  • Fingerprint
  • Key Fob
  • Keypad
  • Transponder
  • Most components that can remotely unlock a door can be fitted.

The Kit at a Glance

Patented Twin Motor

  • High performance transmission with two motorise drive mechanisms for fast, powerful locking and unlocking
  • Includes multi-functional jack with inputs and outputs for:
  • Access control systems such as transponders, fingerprint scanners, keypads etc.
  • 12V DC power supply for illuminated door panels, push plates, or access control systems


Spring Loaded Contacts

Providing wireless power and data transfer between the frame and sash components, including multi-functional jack for connection to the motor. The concealed solution, with no visible cable run, not only means that cable snagging is impossible between the door and sash, but the durability is significantly improved due to 3 non-wearing spring loaded contacts.


Concealed transformer in frame

  • No bulky power transformer to conceal with the multitronic 881, the profile specific design fits into the door frame, out of sight. Alternatively, options for wall mounted transformers are readily available. Fully VDE tested with the case fully sealed for maximum safety the transformer offers:
  • Input 230v AV/ output 12v DC
  • Output current: 2A at 100% duty cycle 3A at 5% duty cycle


multi-functional control unit

Slim and stylish design which wouldn’t look out of place on any high-end door style, the control unit has been designed to sit within the door frame and avoid internal hinges.

Featuring visual locking status indicator, the control unit can be used to control any function as it include inputs and outputs for the following as standard:

  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Building management systems
  • Tamper signal for alarm systems
  • Electronic deactivation of access control systems for alarm systems
  • Control pulse for electrical swing door openers
  • Day latch function/permanent open function


Speak to our technical department for more options.


For more information please click here to visit our dedicated SmartSecure website.


Installation Clause:

Electrical equipment should only be installed and assembled by a qualified electrician. General safety precautions must be observed, e.g. before starting any work switch off the equipments power supply and secure against being switched back on.

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