Microchip Petporte
Smart Flap

The Microchip petporte smart flap is the world's first microchip cat flap and has been developed in conjunction with veterinary healthcare professionals.

The most technologically advanced type of selective entry cat flap is activated by the cat's own microchip and so denies access to all other intruders - plus no collar needs to be worn.

Running from mains power (low voltage) with optional battery back-up, the cat flap is constantly scanning and 'looking' for microchips allowing qualifying cats immediate entry. The external scanner detects cats just before they reach the door allowing even the fastest of cats instant access. And the adjustable re-latch time ensures they are fully in the house before re-locking.

Additional features and settings allow cat owners to keep their cats indoors at specific times. Night mode uses built-in light sensor which activates in-only access for authorised cats at dusk and automatically allows free exit at dawn. This keeps cats in at night and reduces the chances of them becoming involved in road traffic accidents. Vet mode applies a similar setting that allows authorised cats in-only - handy when they are due a trip to the vet. What's more, children can't undo any of the settings thanks to the programmable child lock keypad. Operating on mains power, it also gives cat owners additional 'extended' modes enabling them to customise the cat flap to their cat's routine at their own convenience.

The Microchip petporte smart flap can be programmed to recognise up to 25 cats and is designed to read the most common type of microchip - FDX-B (15 digit). Owners who are unsure of their cat's microchip type can contact their vet.

The cat flap is easy to install and suitable for doors, walls and windows of all materials - including glass and metal. Extension leads are available to allow installation in most locations and the cut out is such that it can replated the Staywell Deluxe and Classic cat flap ranges with minimal alterations, which makes upgrading to the Microchip petporte smart flap quick and easy.


Door sizes:

Overall size: 232mm x 232mm

Cut out size: 169mm x 169mm

Glass cut out: 212mm diameter circle

Maximum pet should width: 150mm

Maximum pet weight: 7kg (cats)


Additional Products:

Tunnel extension
Extension Lead



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