What is a Smart Lock and Why are They Useful?

What makes a lock smart, is the access control options that are available to you when you purchase an electromechanical lock.

What is a smart lock?

Smart locks have been steadily emerging in recent years, and they come with a whole host of benefits that make modern living easier and more efficient. ‘Smart lock’ is a mis-leading term however, as a lock cannot be inherently smart. What makes a lock smart, is the access control options that are available to you when you purchase an electromechanical lock. The integration of door locking and smart access through smartphone apps or devices makes ideal use of an item most people will already have, making access quicker, simpler, and safer. As leading experts in the distribution of premium smart access control systems, we put together the top benefits these locking systems provide.

What are the benefits of a smart lock?

Increased security without compromise

One of the key benefits of a smart access locking system is the heightened security. The locking capabilities of electromechanical locks are just as high as regular key and lock systems; the locking mechanisms boast the same Secured by Design and PAS 24 credentials as mechanical variants. The increased control over entry and exit to the property ensures access is restricted to those who need it. Most smart access locking systems, such as the FUHR multitronic 881 door lock kit, have the feature of automatically engaging when closed, ensuring security is always top priority, even when inside the property. Additional safety is offered with the option to include a panic function on the door lock, which means that to exit the building through the locked door, you only need to depress the door handle without manually unlocking the door.

These systems also provide increased security when away from home. The smart nature of the system can enable users to manage access remotely, recording a log of activity and who goes in and out of your home. Options for e-keys are available, should you need to allow access to specific people at specific times, particularly useful for holiday lets and rented properties. This is one of the many benefits afforded by the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Handle.

Most smart locking systems don’t look too futuristic either, offering the added benefit of deterring any unwanted attention. Whilst some electromechanical locks may come with a manual override option in the form of a key, some are completely keyless and rely solely on your smartphone or alternative access control such as key tags. These locks negate the need for traditional keys that can be duplicated, or locks that can be picked, meaning yourself, and those you grant access to, are the only ones able to access the property at any given time. Should an override fob key be lost, it can often be deactivated remotely.

Added convenience

Another significant benefit that comes with electromechanical locking with smart access options, such as the FUHR Radio Access Control Options, is the convenience that they provide. With additional options for fingerprint, key fob, transponder or keypad access, these locks are customisable to your unique needs. For example, smartphone or transponder access is ideal for when your hands are full, and fingerprint entry is ideal for those who regularly forget or lose keys.

The additional benefit of viewing access to the property, such as who enters and what time they entered, is a large benefit of these remote access control systems. It allows easy management of properties and belongings, right at your fingertips. For larger, commercial buildings, controlling and restricting access to specific areas of the building is ideal in keeping the property well controlled and secure.

At Carl F Groupco, we have a range of smart access control locking systems from leading manufacturers, including FUHR and Yale. Shop the full range here, or get in touch with the team to discover how our electromechanical door locks can benefit you.

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