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Our Technical Manager John Mitchell offers his Top Tips to add simple security and safety enhancements

An article written for Total Installer, February 2022 edition. View their latest edition here:

Boosting safety and security either during an installation or repair is a great way to offer end users more functionality from their doors and windows. John Mitchell, Technical Manager for leading UK window and door hardware distributor Carl F Groupco, explains his top tips for simple security and safety enhancements.

“As an industry, it’s our responsibility to advise end users on the most appropriate fenestration solutions for their property, whether it be residential or commercial. Often, end users aren’t aware of the security rating of their doors or the potential hazards that can be avoided with simple, inexpensive fittings. Offering this additional service could lock in customers for the future, while also making each call slightly more valuable for the installer, too.

Here are some of the hardware add-ons suitable for new and retrofit installations, available from Carl F Groupco. All of which are easy to carry in the van to fit onsite as required.

Top Tip 1: Retrofit Restrictors

Risks of falling from height from a window opening are drastically reduced by installing a window restrictor. Especially important for those who have small children at home, or in applications where users aren’t familiar with the openings or multiple occupancy buildings such as hospitals, care homes, hotels and schools. Look for products which offer restricted opening of the window up to 100mm if you need to comply with building regulations for your project.

Components such as the CFGLock+ cable restrictor can simply be fitted to the frame and sash, the cable allows the window to open to a safe position. Supplied with fitting screws and instructions, this is an ideal retrofit option. If you need the component to be concealed to prevent tampering, the Res-Lock concealed window restrictor maybe more appropriate. Offering the same window opening restriction but fitted within the eurogroove, this component automatically engages the restrictor when the window is closed, the window can be released using a dedicated key.

Tip 2: Easy Upgrades

One of the easiest security upgrades on a door is the cylinder, and it’s an easy sell – as one of the components that end users interact with rather than a hidden benefit. Offering an enhancement to the way they lock their door makes sense. The TS007 standard is well documented, two options can offer additional benefits with the goal of offering overall 3* protection across the cylinder and handle fitted. The easiest way to achieve this is to offer a 3* cylinder which provides the full TS007 standard without the need to carry handle stock. The Yale Platinum 3* cylinder is fully accredited while also offering Yale’s £1000 Anti-Snap Guarantee in the unlikely event the cylinder is snapped under attack due to a forced break in.

Alternatively, a 1* cylinder such as the Yale KM Superior cylinder can bit fitted alongside a compliant 2* handle to achieve the 3*s required to comply with TS007. The Hoppe Atlanta PAS 24 door handle provides this additional security and is suitable for a variety of door thicknesses, with two fixing centre options to suit 92mm PZ door locks.

Tip 3: Hinge Benefits

Hinge side protection for doors and windows can be overlooked by end users, educating them in the need to ensure the full surround of the opening is secure is important. There’s a myriad of devices which can provide PAS 24 level protection with ease. Dog bolts for doors and hinge guards for windows are available from most manufacturers and on the whole are non-profile related, ideal for retrofitting.

Requirements for safety and security can differ dramatically depending upon the installation, it’s always important to consider the buildings use, occupants and relating British Standards when fitting or upgrading hardware.”

With a trading history dating back over 70 years, Carl F Groupco has a strong reputation for hardware expertise the team at Carl F Groupco are always on hand to advise the most appropriate hardware solution for your project.

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