The value of a reliability

Independently-owned hardware distributor Carl F Groupco offers a comprehensive product range backed up with the reassuring strength and reliability of a company that’s been in business for nearly 70 years. But that’s just the start of what’s on offer, as Managing Director John Crittenden explains.

With the upturn in demand that has been witnessed across our sector over the past two years, it fair to say that supply chains have grown increasingly complicated. The unprecedented demand and hike in prices have meant margins have been squeezed like never before.


In order to maintain profitability and continue to drive efficiencies, fabricators are turning to strong suppliers as a controlled and systematic approach to source the products they need. By establishing a reliable relationship with key suppliers, fabricators can cultivate a healthier bottom line in the form of reduced issues with stock availability and delay in supply.


Here at Carl F Groupco, we work with our customers to develop strong, reliable relationships. As an independently-owned hardware distributor, we have a 98% OTIF target rate across all our ranges giving our customers the reliability they need.


We also work with customers whose hardware requirements are more complex or they need to tap into the expertise of a company that’s been in business for over 70 years. We go beyond order processing – we’re here to solve problems, offer advice and find solutions.


We also provide consultancy to help you get the big decisions right. We test and work with our customers’ factory teams and our manufacturer partners to scope new hardware solutions and ensure smooth transitions to new ranges. For example, we recently collaborated with Rapierstar, Eurocell and Yale to help South Coast installer Newview launch its new window and door manufacturing business, NewFrame.


Mark White, Production Director at NewFrame, said: “We have been able to develop a window and door specification and product portfolio that we believe is the best in our market, with the highest quality in everything right down to the tiniest component. The support from Carl F Groupco in particular has been amazing and hugely important for us to have them as a one stop shop for all our hardware requirements.”


We’re here when you need advice and guidance too. This is particularly important in light of the changes to Part F that come into effect in June. Trickle vents are going to need to be fitted much more frequently, which has significant ramifications for the full supply chain. We are working closely with suppliers to make sure we have increased stock of compliant trickle vents to cope with the rise in demand that will follow.


We have produced guidance for our customers and we’re alerting them with plenty of time about the changes they might need to implement. Fabricators may need to review their production processes to cope with fitting new products and be aware of the vents and slots required to comply, while maintaining U values. Installers will need to educate themselves on the stipulations of Part F for all scenarios to make sure they are fitting compliant products and advising end users correctly.


At the heart of our offer is our product range, of course. We work closely with Europe’s most innovative hardware manufacturers and have built up long-standing relationships that bring an extra level of reliability. For example, this year we are celebrating a 60-year partnership with FUHR. We stock the largest FUHR range in the UK and are the company’s largest customer worldwide.


As well as FUHR, we also partner with brands including Glazpart, Greenwood, Hoppe, Kenrick, MACO, Roto, Siegenia, Strand, RW Simon and Yale.


Our offer recognises that sometimes you need a supplier you can rely on to deliver the products you need when you need them. At other times, you need a proactive partner you can trust to offer support built on expertise and experience. In Carl F Groupco, you have a hardware partner that delivers the reliability you need.

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