The Importance of Doors and Windows for Home Security

A home's windows and doors are the first defence against malicious intruders

As homeowners, one of the largest concerns we have is the thought of a break-in. Not only can a burglary cause untold damage to your property and belongings, but the unease and anxiety that comes from knowing another individual was in your home can be crippling. Most homeowners will know that doors and windows are the first barrier to preventing unwanted visitors in your safe space, but there are many elements that can increase the secure capabilities of windows and doors. In this article, we will detail just why windows and doors are so vital in protecting homes, and how they can be improved.

Why are doors and windows such an important security feature?

Your doors and windows are the first line of defence against intruders, but beyond a physical barrier, they also act as a deterrent. It is well known that burglars look for ‘weak spots’ in a house. Such weak spots can include a lack of security systems, no outside lights, easy access, and most commonly, doors and windows that look easy to break into. Older frames tend to give way without much resistance, and are an easy target. However, the sturdier your doors and windows look, the more difficult question they pose to the burglar. A front door with many visible locks and strong hardware is as much a deterrent as an extravagant camera system.

The problem for homeowners

Your doors and windows are an underrated security feature, but as a physical defence, they are only effective when used right; locks only work well when they are locked. Many homeowners become complacent over the years, and forget that the risk of being burgled is always there, and that they have a strong security feature already. Surprisingly, the majority of break-ins occur during daylight, when homeowners are at work and their house is left vulnerable. The more concerning statistic however, is that as many as 64% of all burglaries occur when someone is present in the house. These statistics show how important it is that the same level of precaution is taken throughout the day, whether you are home or not.

How can I increase window and door security?

Increasing window and door security is simple. The first step is to select the right lock. Some door options provide the function of automatic locking, in which the door will lock whenever it is closed. This means you don’t have to worry about keeping the door locked when at home, and you can relax in the knowledge that regardless of if you remember locking it, it will be locked. The Yale AutoEngage standard lock and the FUHR multitronic 881 from Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure range both offer automatic locking, ensuring safety and simplicity are always a priority.

Always ensure when purchasing window and door locks from a supplier that they have the relevant security testing certifications. A key accreditation to look out for is PAS 24. This subject’s whole door or window sets and individual components to a series of tests that apply pressure to locking points and weak areas, in order to try to ‘break in’ within a specific time limit. PAS 24 is required on specific applications, such as in all new-build ground floor doors and windows. It is also good practice to ensure your hardware supplier is a Secured by Design (SBD) member. SBD accreditation scheme provides a recognised standard for all security products, working to reduce crime through deterrent.

Doors and windows are a first defence, but with a little extra help, they can become your main defence against intruders. Proud members of SBD, Carl F Groupco supplies a vast range of hardware that is tested to high and exacting standards. All our hardware provides secure and safe solutions, to simple problems homeowners face daily. Get in touch on 01733 393330 or email us at to discover our premium range of window and door hardware from leading manufacturers, like FUHR, Roto and Yale.

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