Our Top Window Hardware Choices for 2022

We keep on top of the trends, providing our fabricator partners with the most up to date hardware solutions

Innovation within the window and door industry mean component manufacturers are pushed to respond accordingly, and adapt current hardware, alongside creating new hardware, to suit incoming building standards, trends and designs. As a leading distributor of window and door hardware, at Carl F Groupco, we keep on top of the trends, providing our fabricator partners with the most up to date hardware solutions. 2022 looks to be an interesting year for window hardware, and so we have put together our top choices for the next twelve months.

Hardware for Flush Casements

Flush casements are an increasingly popular option in window design. This style of window sits flush within the frame, meaning when closed, there is no overlap of the sash as with traditional PVCu window designs. This creates a smooth surface and a contemporary look. This style of window requires new hardware, and manufacturers have reacted and developed their designs to suit this, without losing the original functionality of the component. The Flush Sash Shootbolt System from Yale provides flush closing and high security locking, in addition to a secondary cam allowing for night vent, which makes it an ideal option to match the uptick in flush casement manufacturing.

Heavy Duty Hardware

As the UK focuses more and more on becoming energy efficient and creating systems that offer increased heat and energy retention, triple glazing is quickly becoming an appealing option. With this, however, comes the increased weight the extra pane of glass provides. Heavy-duty friction stays are needed to cope with this added weight, and at Carl F Groupco, we offer The Cotswold Extreme friction stay which can take a sash weight of up to 35kg and has been extensively tested up to 25,000 cycles.

We also stock the Yale Mega Egress Hinge friction stay. This heavy-duty hardware is perfectly designed to take a maximum load of 40kg, ensuring the operation of triple glazed windows is smooth and requires little effort. This hinge opens to a full 90 degrees and therefore meets current fire regulations. Weather resistance and high security is a priority, and this friction stay provides both.

Part F: Trickle Ventilation Requirements

With an increasing focus on decreasing our carbon footprint, the government's Future Homes Standard aims to reduce CO2 by 31% by June 2022. Building regulations were updated, with the aim to reduce U-values from 1.6 to 1.4. These regulations mean windows are manufactured to be more airtight, and therefore additional ventilation is needed in living spaces.

Trickle vents are the most practical solution to creating this airflow in both new build and replacement markets. Combining their cost-effective nature with their easy installation, the trickle vents provided by Carl F Groupco offer simple increased airflow. With compliant ranges from Glazpart, Greenwood, RW Simon and Yale we’re ready to help our fabricator and installer partners adapt to the upcoming changes. The Glazpart Link Vent Mk 2, for example, is fully compliant with new Part F regulations to provide required levels of equivalent area ventilation.

For more on our top hardware choices for 2022, or to discover our entire range of window and door hardware, get in touch on 01733 393330, or email us at sales@carlfgroupco.co.uk to speak to our dedicated sales and technical teams.

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