Meeting Roundbrand's Remit: A 15 year relationship

An article written for GGP Magazine, March 2021 edition

Roundbrand, the established manufacturer of double glazed windows and doors, has celebrated 15 years as a major customer of hardware supplier Carl F Groupco. A recent project has further cemented the partnership between the two companies and highlights Carl F Groupco’s consultancy service. Carl F Groupco has responded to Roundbrand’s brief to provide hardware for a new high security, PAS 24 PVCu doorset for commercial projects. Drawing on its technical and product expertise, Carl F Groupco assessed Roundbrand’s requirements and recommended the Yale Lockmaster 21 multipoint door lock, Yale Platinum 3* cylinder and the Sparta door handle.

The comprehensive support provided to Roundbrand by the hardware distributor for the doorset project illustrates Carl F Groupco’s focus on service, the company’s philosophy of offering a one-stop shop and a consultancy approach to support. As a successful fabricator supplying both independent and commercial organisations nationwide, Roundbrand has experienced significant growth and continues to increase and enhance their product range.

Commenting on the service provided to Roundbrand for its high security doorset, and features of the products supplied, Carl F Groupco’s Sales Director John King reports:

“Sourcing a suite of hardware lines for Roundbrand’s latest innovation is an excellent example of how Carl F Groupco offers a full service and works with customers to achieve their objectives – this goes beyond the practicalities of the hardware supplied and extends through to production of the first doors with ongoing support.

Our technical expertise combined with one of the industry’s most extensive hardware catalogues, and our knowledge across an extensive range of brands, enables us to give broad and insightful advice. Additionally, the strength of our relationships with our manufacturer partners means we are able to provide bespoke packages and offer comprehensive technical guidance including assistance throughout the PAS 24 testing process.

With regards to the Lockmaster 21 that we recommended for this project, as with all Lockmaster door locks, the product is British built including metal pressing, injection moulding and assembly which are all carried out at Yale’s UK headquarters. The Lockmaster’s signature hook and pin unit has been carefully positioned close to the pre-compression rollers to add strength and assist with security testing.

Regarding the Yale Platinum 3* Euro cylinder lock also supplied, this has been approved to TS007:2014 British Standard rating, the highest level of certification currently available, making it one of the leading euro cylinder locks. Endorsed by the Police’s Secure by Design scheme, the cylinder provides effective anti snap lock protection. Euro Profile cylinder locks are a convenient way to change keys without having to replace the entire lock and can be fitted in minutes without the need for any special tools or equipment. In our opinion, it is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the security rating of your property and was an ideal solution to be offered in our suite of hardware products for this project to Roundbrand. The cylinder is also covered by Yale’s £1,000 Anti-Snap Guarantee: in the unlikely event that your cylinder is snapped under attack due to a forced break-in, Yale offers £1,000 compensation for any distress and inconvenience caused which reflects confidence in the product.

The third product recommended and supplied to Roundbrand for the new doorset is the Sparta door handle which has been manufactured to an extremely high standard offering outstanding product performance.”

Going the extra mile

Confirming the value of Carl F Groupco’s support, Amanda Hale, General Manager at Roundbrand said:

“Having worked with Carl F Groupco for over 15 years we have been consistently impressed by their service, knowledge, support, responsiveness and links to industry leading manufacturers. They always go the extra mile and, taking the example of the suite of products provided for our PVCu commercial doorset, this was demonstrated with their commitment to supporting PAS 24 testing throughout the process, which was invaluable. Expanding sales are projected for the doorset with Roundbrand set to further develop the market to support retail customers and to supply to this sector when there is a requirement for PAS 24 security.”

Roundbrand has also recently worked with Carl F Groupco to adopt Roto’s NT tilt and turn system which comprises modular NT face fix hardware and the Designo fully concealed hinge option. The versatile Roto range features a 16mm eurogroove. Sash weights up to 150kg are supported using Designo, or up to 300kg with the Roto NT Power Hinge. A project to achieve Pas 24 accreditation with the new window was also assisted by Carl F Groupco and Roto.

From its earliest years supplying Roundbrand, Carl F Groupco set itself apart as a hardware distributor providing detailed product information, technical support and extensive advice – this has been the foundation for the ongoing relationship that is well into its second decade. During the 15 year partnership, the products provided to Roundbrand have evolved and now account for the majority of the hardware sourced by the fabricator. The portfolio of products supplied to Roundbrand includes FUHR multisafe locking mechanisms, Hoppe door handles, MACO window locks plus tilt & turn hardware from FUHR and Siegenia.

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