Get a Grip Over the Holidays: Updating School Hardware

There is no better time to update your school hardware.

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to make a more regular appearance and the children can feel the end of term in their grasp. After a year of hard work, it’s time to take a break, but not for everyone! With the new school budgets released and the summer just around the corner, now is the time to start planning school window and door upgrades.

With hundreds of children passing through corridors, filing into classrooms and opening windows, every single day, it’s no surprise that school hardware, such as windows and doors, can get a little tired. While school’s out for the summer, there’s no better time for a revamp.

Window Hardware for Schools

Ventilation has become a core part of keeping us safe over the last two years and as we come out the other side of the pandemic, our desire to keep areas well ventilated has stuck with us. Thanks to our range of remote window control systems, schools can keep all areas well ventilated, regardless of window location. Sports halls, gyms, dining areas are all known for having inaccessible windows due to ceiling heights, and if you’ve struggled in the past then now’s the time to do something about it. Browse our full range of remote window hardware, with options for manual and electric openers – we have the hardware to keep schools feeling fresh. Remember to consider the new building regulations coming into force in June 2022 to ensure that all replacement windows comply with Part L and F regulations.

Security is another hot topic when it comes to school window systems. With classrooms sometimes located on the upper floors of large school buildings, safety is paramount. In addition, schools tend to hold a number of expensive items including computers, lab and sports equipment, and tools among many other things. We stock a full range of window safety and security hardware including many types of restrictors, as well as sash seals, and guards, to suit all windows. Browse our full range of security hardware and start planning your school holiday refurbishment.

Door Hardware for Schools

Schools are busy places and as a result, their doors and door hardware can end up looking worse for wear. This summer, make it your duty to update and upgrade doors with new hardware to keep schools looking fresh. From handles to hinges we stock it all. Our concealed door restrictors are ideal for busy spaces, preventing slamming and swinging, keeping the flow of students through the building safe and controlled.

As we look forward to the new school year, it's also a good time to think about fire safety, ensuring schools are up to standard. With an onset of new children on their way, make sure fire doors and escapes are clearly marked and easily accessible. Make use of our range of touch and push bars and push pads with anti-panic functionality to help keep everyone escape safely in emergencies.

Find out more about our door and window hardware for schools

With the new school budget released and the prospect of empty hallways in a few weeks’ time, find out more about our full range of hardware and start planning your upgrades today. Request a catalogue or contact us directly to discuss your needs in more detail.

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