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The right fittings can transform an installation, giving homeowners more options than ever before

An article written for Glass Times 'Guide to Doors', September 2021

Hardware fittings are often considered the basics in door fabrication: a necessity that allows the door to function. However, the inclusion of the right fitting can create a door that combines capability and functionality with aesthetic and style. Carl F Groupco, one of the UK’s longest established hardware distributors, details how the right fittings can transform an installation, giving homeowners more options than ever before.

Functionality has always been the key feature and standard requirement of any door hardware component, but specialist features such as automatic locking and stable doors are an appealing addition to any door. Stable Doors are becoming an increasingly popular option for fabricators looking to diversify their range, and Carl F Groupco supplies the FUHR gearing that works with two locking mechanisms which operate both independently and in tandem, suitable for all profile types.

Another practical locking solution for residential doors which offer homeowners enhanced functionality is automatic door locks, also known as slam shut locks. Carl F Groupco stock the Yale AutoEngage and the FUHR Autosafe 833 brands. Both options secure the door on closing, offering enhanced security, protecting a property from unauthorised access from the moment the door is closed. Although looking at the door, there is no physical difference, the functionality offered can give homeowners much needed peace of mind.

Tested products:

Door hardware that is tested and accredited will always be at the heart of consumer demands and it is important for the industry to communicate these benefits throughout the supply chain. Security accreditation is not given to all hardware. However, a large proportion of the fittings in Carl F Groupco’s catalogue are tested to PAS 24 and endorsed by Secured by Design, the UK’s national police crime prevention campaign that works to create safe places for us to live, work, and enjoy. Most of the hardware fitted to a door can be enhanced to provide security benefits, including door hinges, handles, cylinders, letterplates and of course the door lock itself.

Smart thinking:

In a technologically led age as we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, the desire for contactless interaction is becoming commonplace. Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure brand specialises in entrance door hardware that provides innovative and enhanced protection.

At the heart of SmartSecure is the FUHR multitronic 881 electromechanical multipoint door lock which can be paired with multiple access control options. SmartConnect is a WLAN based system that allows users to control access to the door using a Smart device. While options for radio-based access control such as key fob, fingerprint, and keypad are also providing homeowners with appealing access options. The FUHR multitronic door locks incorporated in the SmartSecure brand are compatible with most access and building control systems, maximising project flexibility.

Increased space:

The previous 18 months have been a global lesson in many areas, one such being the importance of both indoor and outdoor space, with homeowners re-evaluating and maximising the space they have. Door hardware designed for large span openings, including bi-fold fittings and lift and slide hardware, aid accessibility and create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors.

The Siegenia HS Portal lift-slide technology is the ideal solution to creating an open space, and Carl F Groupco’s long standing relationship with Siegenia attests to the high-quality of their solutions. The HS Portal lift-slide technology can be operated using just one finger and uses sash weights for aluminum, timber, and PVCu profiles and doors of up to 400kg, safely.

Hardware fittings are often the difference between a simple entrance and exit and a door that provides functionality and innovation, helping homeowners to make the most of their homes. Carl F Groupco recognises that fittings offer numerous potential benefits to enhance a door with added features and subsequently increased value.

View the article in full on the Glass Times 'Guide to Doors' online, page 32


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