Adapting to new vent regulations

In anticipation of the new standards we’ve already seen a number of product launches which are ready to comply, offering the higher equivalent area (EQA) required.

An article written for Glass Times, March 2022

Following the recent update to Part F ventilation regulations due to come into force this year, longstanding ventilation distributor Carl F Groupco reviews the standard for fabricators and installers.

As part of The Future Homes Standard 2021, a government led project aiming for a 31% reduction in CO2 by June 2022, there have been updates to Part L, F and O building regulations. At the time of writing, the changes apply to installations in England, with other nations in the UK predicted to revise during 2022. The goal for fenestration products is to reduce U values from 1.6 to 1.4 by 15th June 2022, with reports of this goal further reducing to 0.8 by 2025.

In this article for Glass Times, Carl F Groupco’s Technical Manager John Mitchell simplifies what installers and fabricators, who intend to supply to England, need to be aware of ahead of the June deadline.

“As we continue to manufacture windows and doors with improved U values by offering better compression and insulating properties, they have become more airtight. This has a knock-on effect in the building fabric with overheating, increased condensation and health implications from potential mould build up. Circulating air is good for us, and that is what Part F is looking to achieve.

“The new standard requires additional ventilation to circulate air in living spaces and this can be achieved in a number of ways, through mechanical ventilation, extractor fans or trickle vents. By far the most economical and practical solution is to use trickle ventilation in both new build and the replacement market. The impact of building design is limited, the cost of product and installation is also a lot easier to control.

“In anticipation of the new standards we’ve already seen a number of product launches which are ready to comply, offering the higher equivalent area (EQA) required. All the vent manufacturers that Carl F Groupco work with have solutions including Glazpart, Greenwood, RW Simon and Yale. For fabricators, adjustments may be required to slot heights to comply with the new EQAs required and allow the additional airflow.

“We’ve seen many attempts at enhancing ventilation standards in the past and unfortunately due to ineffective management of building regulations, some installers have managed to avoid following them. It seems that enforcement is likely to be far more steadfast than ever before, with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) in charge of policing New Build installations, requiring confirmation that each building complies. While for the replacement market competent persons schemes will also be involved in ensuring installations follow the rules, alongside LABC’s.

“The ultimate responsibility falls with the installer to guarantee their installations comply with regulations. As a distributor we feel it’s our obligation to ensure that the full supply chain is prepared ahead of June 2022 and make the necessary arrangements to supply compliant product and understand the regulations to assist installers.

“As a distributor, we will ensure that product is readily available to service what is likely to be an uptick in demand for trickle vents. Fabricators may need to review their production processes to cope with fitting new product and be aware of the vents and slots required to comply, while maintaining U values. Installers will need to educate themselves on the stipulations of Part F for all scenarios to best advise end users and fit compliant product.”

Carl F Groupco have produced a guide which breaks down the requirements for Part F and trickle vents which is available to all fabricators and installers to help with the transition.

With a trading history dating back over 70 years, Carl F Groupco has a strong reputation for hardware expertise the team at Carl F Groupco are always on hand to advise the most appropriate hardware solution for your project.

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