Maco 10 year Guarantee and Maintenance

Maco Guarantee:

  • That our fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards available. This is assured by our membership of the RALGütegmeinschaft (quality association for locks and fittings), and our certification to DIN ISO 9001.
  • An advanced corrosion resistant surface protection coating, which protects for longer than both the RAL and BSI requirements.
  • Any failure be it a moving, supporting or locking component, provided the fittings have been correctly assembled.
  • If the same component is no longer available and it cannot be repaired we will replace it with an equivalent article.

In addition Maco offer:

  • At your disposal are free copies of our installation and maintenance brochures and user information such as operating instructions and stickers.
  • Free staff training covering fabrication, adjustment and maintenance of our fittings.

Conditions of warranty:

  • The liability of Maco (U.K.) under this guarantee shall be limited to the cost of repair of the component or to the invoice value of the component replaced whichever is the lower and the company shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage howsoever caused. It shall be the duty of the customer to insure against such consequential loss and to hold Maco (U.K.) harmless therefore. The warranty period shall run from the date of the installation, proof of which will be required.
  • Maco (U.K.) shall not be liable under the guarantee for any defect in the goods resulting directly or indirectly from:
  1. Misuse or negligence.
  2. Incorrect installation.
  3. Their use in association with non-compatible products which are not to the Maco (U.K.) specification or manufacture.
  4. Any form of modification from the original specification.
  5. If our size and weight limitations are not complied with.
  • All operational information must have been transferred to the end user. The end user must be advised to inform the window manufacturer of any damage caused to the windows by storms or any other means.
  • The warranty on the surface protection coating will only apply if it is proven that no external environmental influences or aggressive substances from the framing material have worked into the hardware.
  • Maco (U.K.) shall have been granted the right to inspect all installations and premises from where hardware has been returned. In the event that evidence can be produced that the fault was incurred as a result of neglect, misuse or irregular installation, Maco (U.K.) reserves the right to invoice the customer for all charges incurred.
  • Maco (U.K.) shall in no manner whatsoever be liable for making good any damage sustained to the window or the original fabric of the building as a result of any work being carried out at the customers premises.
  • All components must have been inspected annually to ensure that they are firmly fixed. Where necessary the fixing screws must have been tightened. All moving parts and locking points must have been lubricated.
  • The window manufacturer or their representative must have instigated a five year service plan and all servicing of the installation must have been carried out in accordance with that plan.


All maintenance work must be carried out in compliance with Maco maintenance instructions, and recorded in the warranty document as proof of maintenance.


The above guarantee is given on the strict understanding that Maco Door and Window Hardware (U.K.) Ltd shall not be liable or responsible in respect of any act, breach, non-performance or any other nature whatsoever which is actually beyond its own control.