Kenrick 10 year Guarantee and Product Maintenance

Kenrick window and door locking products (subject to the conditions and provisions of this guarantee) are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against the failure of the product or any part of the product which is due to defective design, material or workmanship. In the event of a product failure the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. At Kenrick’s sole discretion it may elect to allow the customer to replace defective parts.

Kenrick Product Guarantee Conditions

a) Kenrick reserve the right to inspect the premises in which the alleged product failure has occurred. If the inspection reveals evidence of neglect, misuse or other factors which invalidate the guarantee Kenrick reserve the right to invoice the costs of the inspection visit and any work carried out in connection therewith.

b) Proof of the date of purchase of the parts concerned must be supplied.

c) Kenrick will not accept responsibility for claimed defective parts where payment has not been received for said parts.

d) The guarantee is enforceable only by the ‘Customer’ who purchased the parts from Kenrick. The ‘Customer’ is defined as the party with whom Kenrick are contracted for the sale and purchase of the goods.

e) This guarantee is applicable to hardware directly purchased from Kenrick. Goods supplied by other group companies, subsidiaries and third party sales are not covered.

f) This guarantee applies solely to Kenrick branded products. Non branded products are supplied with the manufacturers guarantee only.

g) This guarantee does not apply to surface finishes or surface corrosion which does not impair the normal functioning of the parts supplied. Information on products supplied with a surface finish guarantee is available separately.

h) This guarantee does not apply to products installed in highly corrosive or aggressive atmospheres, or to products which have been subject to toxic environmental influences from cleaning, the fabric of the completed assembly or air quality.

i) Parts shall be maintained in accordance with the Kenrick Maintenance Guidelines (available separately).

j) The guarantee will be invalidated if in the opinion of Kenrick the failure of the product is attributable to any of the following factors:

  1. The product or any part thereof has been modified in any way
  2. The product has not been fitted in accordance with fitting instructions (available separately).
  3. The product has been subject to unfair wear and tear.

k) The liability of Kenrick will be confined to the terms of this guarantee and specifically excludes any consequential losses.


Kenrick advises the following Product Maintenance Guidelines:


General Requirements:

Window and door locking systems are not maintenance free, and do require regular attention. Regular maintenance of Kenrick products will ensure they meet their guaranteed life duration, reduce wear and tear and often prolong serviceable life. It is essential that the complete window or door  has been made and installed to standards set out in the relevant industry codes of practise, and that all hardware functions correctly after installation.

Maintenance for Locking Systems:

The recommended maintenance period is twice yearly, generally in spring and autumn. Use a soft cloth to wipe down locking systems and remove residues of previous lubricants, and apply silicone spray to moveable parts. Apply petroleum jelly to the strikers and locking points (eg mushroom cams). NEVER use solvent based lubricants (such as WD40), abrasive cleaning agents, scouring agents or wire wool. Take care not to damage surfaces of the locking systems during maintenance.

Remedial Maintenance:

Adjustment in incorporated into locking systems to assist with weathersealing, however adjustment should only be undertaken by an approved engineer. Unauthorised remedial maintenance may invalidate guarantees.