Yale Lockmaster 21 Multipoint Door Lock

Yale Lockmaster 21 Multipoint Door Lock

  • 35mm or 45mm Backsets
  • 92mm PZ Lever Operation
  • 62/92mm Dual Follower Operation
  • 16mm or 20mm Faceplate
  • Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • 3 hooks, 2 anti-lift bolts with 4 rollers and shootbolt extensions
  • 0 Roller variant for timber and composite doors
  • Single Door and French Door options


Questions & Answers

Designed, developed and tested to deliver the very highest levels of performance for security, ease of use and service life, Lockmaster has established itself as the market leading multi-point door lock solution. Whether your doors are manufactured from PVCu, timber, aluminium or modern composite materials, there is a Lockmaster product perfectly suited to your needs.

Secure locking points: 3 hooks, 2 anti-lift bolts with 4 rollers and shootbolt extensions

Shootbolt locking: Enables Lockmaster multi-point door locks to be used for French doors and to enhance security for single door applications

Push-in snib feature: designed to prevent accidental lock-outs. Simply push the latch into the gearbox into the hold back position to activate the snib feature. Lift the lever to deactivate the snib. The latch will return to its original position.

Patented pre-compression rollers: Stainless steel roller cams engage into their keeps, compressing the door against the gasket, ahead of the locking points deploying 

Enhanced roller position: within 100mm of the hook and pin locking points for improved testing endurance

Hardened centre case: offers enhanced security

‘Quick change’ reversible latch with snib facility: Handing of the lock can be changed simply in or out of situ. All dual follower locks have a handle driven snib facility to prevent accidental lock outs

35mm and 45mm back set options: Suitable for the majority of timber, PVCu, aluminium and composite door multi-point lock applications in the UK

Stainless steel faceplates: Improving durability, aesthetics and reducing carbon footprint during manufacture

  • 16mm or 20mm faceplate options
  • Square and radius end options
  • Ferritic Stainless Steel

British Built: Lockmaster production including metal pressing, zinc alloy die casting and nylon injection moulding, as well as assembly are carried out on site in Yale’s UK headquarters

13mm axis one piece keeps with profile related packers: Ensure the perfect fit with packers designed to suit your door profile. 13mm axis allows greater loads during security testing

Hardened plastic buckets: screw in, hardened plastic tidy boxes for improved longevity

Long backplate handles recommended

What is a Eurogroove?

A Eurogroove is an industry standard feature on most PVCu, aluminium and timber door and window profiles, where the locking devices are fitted.

A Eurogroove is the groove in the profile in which multipoint locks and espagnolettes are fitted. This is always 16mm for PVC, but can be 20mm in Timber.


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How do I measure the PZ centre and Backset on a door lock?


The backset is the dimension from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the handle spindle or cylinder hole.

The most popular backset sizes are 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm.

The backset dimension is the distance between A and B on the diagram.


PZ Centre

The "PZ" or "Centre" is the distance between the centre of the handle spindle and the centre of the round section of the cylinder. 

The PZ Centre dimension is the dimension between C and D on the diagram.

Multipoint locks can have one or two spindle holes (also known as followers) these type of locks will have two measurements, the most popular being 62mm / 92mm.

Most modern locks with one spindle are 92mm centre, however some older locks may be 70mm or 72mm.


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What is PAS 24?

PAS 24 is an enhanced security performance test for door assembly requirements,  every component used within the door set tested must comply to the relevant British Standard for that component.

PAS 24 includes several security tests, such as:

  • Manual intervention
  • Mechanical loading
  • Hard and soft body impact

An example of the intensity of the testing, the mechanical loading tests subjects the door set to 4.5Kn of pressure, the equivalent of approximately 45 times the pressure used to tighten a car wheel nut.

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