MACO Protect Colonial Door Lock

MACO Protect Colonial Door Lock

  • Key/Cylinder Operated
  • 2 Pin bolt, Latch and Deadbolt locking
  • High cylinder height to suit traditional style doors


Questions & Answers

The innovative Colonial door lock from the MACO Protect range has been designed to provide more traditional rim style locking but with the security benefits of a multipoint locking system.

Unlike typical multipoint door locks, the latch and deadbolt section is featured as the highest locking point, providing a cylinder hieght of 1595mm. Two further pin bolt locking points are located at the centre and the bottom of the door lock.

Additional security can be provided by fitting shootbolts to the serrations at the top and bottom of the faceplate.

The Colonial door lock is key operated and should be used with Euro thumb turn cylinder and security escutcheon plate with no handle set required.

A manual sliding snib for latch retention prevents the door from latching when in constant use while the MACO soft latch is standard, providing smooth door closing.

This product can be supplied with the upgraded Tricoat Plus coating as standard providing 1,000 salt spray testing to BS EN 1670.

Technical Information

  • 2 pin bolts, latch and deadbolt
  • 16mm or 20mm faceplate
  • 35mm or 45mm backset
  • 2400mm faceplate length
What is a Eurogroove?

A Eurogroove is an industry standard feature on most PVCu, aluminium and timber door and window profiles, where the locking devices are fitted.

A Eurogroove is the groove in the profile in which multipoint locks and espagnolettes are fitted. This is always 16mm for PVC, but can be 20mm in Timber.


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How do I measure the PZ centre and Backset on a door lock?


The backset is the dimension from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the handle spindle or cylinder hole.

The most popular backset sizes are 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm.

The backset dimension is the distance between A and B on the diagram.


PZ Centre

The "PZ" or "Centre" is the distance between the centre of the handle spindle and the centre of the round section of the cylinder. 

The PZ Centre dimension is the dimension between C and D on the diagram.

Multipoint locks can have one or two spindle holes (also known as followers) these type of locks will have two measurements, the most popular being 62mm / 92mm.

Most modern locks with one spindle are 92mm centre, however some older locks may be 70mm or 72mm.


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