FUHR Stable Door Hardware

FUHR Stable Door Hardware

  • 7 locking points providing security
  • 35 and 45mm backset, 16 or 20mm faceplates
  • Keep children and pets secure
  • Retain element of security while talking to a guest
  • Standard 92mm PZ furniture can be used
  • Existing FUHR Multisafe keeps can be used
  • Variants available for PVCu or Timber/Composite doors, and tall doors
  • Lever or split spindle operation for top sash. Key operated bottom sash


Questions & Answers

A two-piece door, which can be opened in two halves. The top element can be opened independently, providing excellent ventilation, while keeping pets and children secure, or even to retain an element of security while talking to a guest. The two elements can be used together, as a normal single door.

FUHR Stable Door gearing consists of 2 locking mechanisms, which can operate independently or in tandem. A purpose designed right angle bracket provides added strength to the interlocking sashes.

The top section, a lever/lever or split spindle operation lock, incorporates a hook, roller, latch and deadbolt.

The lower section is key operated and also incorporates shootbolt, hook, roller and a key operated deadbolt (855 type) but no latch.

Simple fit with no preparation required on the transom with use of a system euro groove end-cap


To operate as a normal single door: unlock both cylinders to retract the deadbolts and push the lever to disengage locking points. When the bottom section is unlocked by the cylinder, the top shootbolt is thrown which connects to the top section.

To operate as Stable door: unlock the top section cylinder to retract the deadbolt and push the lever to disengage the locking points. The top section of the door can then be opened independently.

Hardware Required:

  • 1 x 855 Stable door bottom section (1 hook, 0/1 roller)
  • 1 x 856/859 Stable door top section (1 hook, 0/1 roller)
  • 2 x profile cylinders
  • 1 x escutcheon plate
  • 1 x lever handle set
  • 2 x guide plates
  • 4 x door hinges
  • Existing FUHR keeps to reduce stock holding

Product Options:

  • 16mm or 20mm faceplate
  • 35mm or 45mm backset
  • Shootbold extensions available for additional security or tall doors
What is a Eurogroove?

A Eurogroove is an industry standard feature on most PVCu, aluminium and timber door and window profiles, where the locking devices are fitted.

A Eurogroove is the groove in the profile in which multipoint locks and espagnolettes are fitted. This is always 16mm for PVC, but can be 20mm in Timber.


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How do I measure the PZ centre and Backset on a door lock?


The backset is the dimension from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the handle spindle or cylinder hole.

The most popular backset sizes are 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm.

The backset dimension is the distance between A and B on the diagram.


PZ Centre

The "PZ" or "Centre" is the distance between the centre of the handle spindle and the centre of the round section of the cylinder. 

The PZ Centre dimension is the dimension between C and D on the diagram.

Multipoint locks can have one or two spindle holes (also known as followers) these type of locks will have two measurements, the most popular being 62mm / 92mm.

Most modern locks with one spindle are 92mm centre, however some older locks may be 70mm or 72mm.


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How do I change the handing of a FUHR door bolt?

On most FUHR locks, to change the handing you remove the small grub screw on the side of the lock case adjacent to the latch plate with a 2mm allen key.

Remove the latch and turn in it 180º vertically, place it back into the opening and secure the grub screw back in place.

The FUHR 871 and FUHR 881 door locks are supplied handed, this cannot be changed, so please ensure you order the correct handing for the application.

How do I adjust FUHR keeps/strikers?

Hook and keep alignment:

The hook keep should be aligned using the guideline on the hook plate. Ensure the hook engages correctly avoiding friction on which can result in damage to the hook, there should be a 2mm gap between the line on the hook plate and the flat of the hook as shown in the diagram.

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Latch and hook adjustment:

Take care not to over adjust the hook keep as this can damage the keep - do not rotate through 360º.
A screwdriver and a 4mm allen key will be required when adjusting these plates.


Roller and mushroom adjustment:

Adjust eccentric compression of roller and mushroom keeps to ensure the optimum compression for the door.
Adjust the compression using a 4mm allen key.


How do I replace a FUHR Lockcase?

Step 1 Unscrew and remove the 3 screws as shown in the video

Step 2 Remove the lockcase

Step 3 Clip the replacement lockcase in place

Step 4 Replace the 3 screws


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