Strand Antipanic Modular Touch Bar

Strand Antipanic Modular Touch Bar

  • Suitable for panic exits in public buildings
  • Standard devices suit doors up to 2585mm high by 860mm wide
  • Maximum width with special cross arms: 1170mm and 1300mm
  • Maximum height with special vertical rods: 3150mm
  • Suitable for PVCu, aluminium or timber doors
  • Motorised variant available



The touch bar panic exit range comprises of modular components - the full width touch bar mechanism (complete with dogging as standard) can be used with either vertical or side entry pullmans to give variants of one, two or three point latches or two/three point bolts. Supplied with striker plates for timber doors, but also available for PVC-U, aluminium or steel doors.

For use on French doors, the passive lock should be top and bottom locking (use PHT55) with the centre pullman closed off using the plastic clip supplied as part of the kit. The master door (use PHT57) should have horizontal locking which will enable both door sashes to open should the passive door be the first door activated.

The modular touch bar with full width touch arm has been tested and certified to EN 1125. This type of device is suitable for all public buildings such as hotels, schools, shops, hospitals, nightclubs etc. where people are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

A motorised variant of the touch bar is available to order. Although the motorised touch bar looks similar to the standard touch bar, the operation is slightly different. Various electronic options can be connected to the device, for example an audible signal when the bar is depressed. When activated, the motor retracts the latches allowing the door to be pushed open. After a few seconds (variable from 3-30 seconds) the motor then drives the latches back into position to secure the door.

The reversible touch bar mechanism, pullmans and vertical rod covers are available in powder coated finishes or silve, black and white together with a new ""metallic silver"" effect painted finish plus the option of a green touch bar. It is also available in stain stainless steel plated finish. Various RAL colours are also available for special order.

PHT50 - Reversible single point touch bar leaf panic latch

PHT55 - Reversible 3 point touch bar bolt

PHT57 - Reversible 3 point touch bar latch

Dogging Facility

The touch bar range is available with or without a dogging facility - please specify at time of ordering. Please note that current legislation of BS EN1125 specifies that for fire/smoke door assemblies the panic device shall not include any form of dogging mechanism. Therefore any device incorporating dogging can be used on escape doors only.


The touch bar range also offers the option of a micro-switch housed in the device. This allows monitoring of the door and access control to be added. Please specify whether micro-switch is required at time of ordering.

Outside Access

Optional outside access devices with lever handle or knob are available in various finishes. These are available as standard or key retaining versions. Where outside access is required, a hole pierced to take an 8mm square spindle and two further holes of 10mm diameter for the screw ports wil be required to connect the device and outside access together.


Ther finishes below are applicable to all products r the modular touch bar range:

Powder Coated

Plated Finishes

Silver EPS (20)

Stain Stainless Steel Plated SSSP (44)

Black EPB (01)


White EPW (25)


Black with Green cross arm BGN (81)


Black with SAA cross arm BSR (80)


Other colours (00) and Metallic Silver MSP (59) to special order



Size of Doors

To suit doors up to 2585mm high by 860mm wide - extra wide touch bars of 1170mm and 1300mm are available for doors exceeding these dimensions. Extra long vertical rods and covers are also available for doors up to 3150mm high. Standard size touch bar 840mm can be cut down to 300mm for a small door leaf.


Entirely surface mounted except where outside access function is required. Full instructions are supplied with each device.


All the devices of Panic Hardware (with full width touch bar) have been tested and certified to BS EN 1125:2008.

This type of device is suitable for all public buildings such as hotels, schools, shops, hospitals, nightclubs etc. where people are unfamiliar with the surroundings.

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