Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder

Yale Platinum 3* Cylinder - Enhanced Thumbturn Design
Yale Platinum 3* Cylinder - Enhanced Thumbturn Design

Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder

  • Fully accredited TS 007 3 star cylinder
  • BSI approved re-pinning allows master suite
  • Available in brass, nickel and black finishes
  • Double key or thumburn variants


Questions & Answers

Designed to protect homes with anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-pull technology.

The Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder is a TS007 3 star kitemarked anti-snap cylinder which has been designed, developed and tested to exacting standards to deliver high-performance security and deter even the most determined intruders.

Need new keys? Make sure you use the patented key blanks. The use of non-genuine replacement keys can be troublesome and more susceptible to poor quality and therefore limiting the cylinder life-cycle and may invalidate product guarantees.

The Platinum 3* cylinder is also covered by Yale's £1,000 Anti-Snap Guarantee. In the unlikely event that your cylinder is snapped under attack due to a forced break-in, we will give you £1,000 compensation for any distress and inconvenience caused, that's how confident we are in our product. Full information is available on the Yale website, click here.

Anti-Snap: A small section of the cylinder is sacrificed under attack, leaving the remainder of the cylinder intact and your door safely locked.

Anti-Bump: Specialised side pins provide resistance

Anti-Pick: Unique multi shear-line technology designed to resist lock picking and bumping

Anti-Drill: Hardened steel protection incorporated within the cylinder provides undeniable resistance against drill attacks

Inner Strength: The dedicated central bridge delivers unparalleled inner strength to the cylinder providing protection even if the cylinder is attacked from the outside

Horizontal Keyway: With reversible flat key for easy key entry

Certified: Approved to TS007:2014 3 star - the highest current certified level. BSI accredited to KM559658. Tested to BS EN 1303:2015


Features Specification:

  • An anti-snap sacrificial front section
  • Anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-pull, anti-drill and anti-screw
  • Horizontal keyway
  • Supplied with three Yale branded, dimple cut keys as standard
  • Stylish Yale reversible key with nylon key bow to allow for easy identification and grip
  • BSI-approved re-pinning allows multiple doors to be accessed with a single key
  • Available in double and thumb-turn variants
  • Master key service available
  • Available in brass, nickel and black finishes
How do I achieve TS 007 on my doors?

TS 007 is a security standard relating to the door handle and cylinder combination used on a door. To achieve TS 007 status, the combination used must total 3 stars.

A cylinder can achieve either 1 or 3 star classification, where as a door handle can only ever achieve 2 stars.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve 3 star accreditation by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star door handle. Or, just using a 3 star cylinder alongside an unaccredited door handle. See our simple diagram below.

Achieving TS007 is vital in order to pass any door to PAS 24 or achieve Secured by Design.

What is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-plug extraction and anti-drill?

Anti-Snap – the cylinder has a section or sections, often called a sacrificial cut, either side of the central lock mechanism that will come away if the cylinder was to be attacked from the outside, however leaving the remainder of the cylinder mechanism intact and locked.

Anti-Pick – the top half of the pin stack inside the cylinder are designed to include a mushroom shape or indent. Therefore, if something was used to pick the cylinder it would catch on the pins and prevent the cylinder from unlocking.

Anti-Bump – cylinders are designed to have more pins (generally 6) and a shallow pin stack. By doing this it means that if a bump key was knocked into the cylinder, the pins would not jump up meaning the cylinder could not be bumped.

Anti-Plug/Core Extraction – the cylinder has strengthened steel circlips that hold the cylinder in place so the core cannot be extracted from the cylinder.

Anti-Drill – the cylinder has plates and pins built in and this prevents the cylinder core being turned if the pin stack was attacked by a drill. It is designed to break the drill bit and protect the integrity of the cylinder to prevent entry.

What is BS EN1303?

BS EN 1303 is a British Standard relating to cylinders. It is broken down into 8 digits and ensures that the cylinders are tested to the highest standard. The 8 digits are; Category of Use, Durability, Test Door Mass, Fire Resistance, Safety, Corrosion and Temperature Resistance, Key Related Security and Attack Resistance.

Cylinders are graded based on this criteria.

How to replace a euro cylinder?

Step 1: Open the door and loosen the door handle fixing screws slightly, or remove them and the handles completely

Step 2: Unscrew and remove the cylinder fixing screw

Step 3: Put the key in the cylinder and slightly turn it until the cam tongue is aligned, once this is aligned you can pull the cylinder out, (generally the key will point to around 5 to or 5 past on a clock face)

Step 4: Replace with the new cylinder and then repeat the process in reverse order

When would I need a free movement cylinder?

A free movement cylinder allows a key to operate the cylinder even when there is already a key inserted in the other end. These cylinders are for use on emergency exit door lock kits such as the FUHR 870 and 871. This function ensures that when the panic bar or panic lever is pushed the cam will rotate freely and allow use at any time.

This type of cylinder is also recommended for use with the FUHR 881 Electromechanical Door Lock.

How to measure for a replacement euro cylinder

Step 1: Measure the overall length from the bottom part of the cylinder

Step 2: Measure from the centre screw hole to each end, these two measurements combined should be equal to the overall length


Step 1: Measure from the centre screw hole on the door lock to the face end of the cylinder on each side, these two measurements will be equal to the overall length

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